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12 Artists To Listen To In Spring 2023

Happy May 1! We thought we would celebrate Spring this year by sharing a list of 12 artists we think you should be listening to. We filled the list with a variety of genres, so it’s almost guaranteed that you should be able to find your next favorite artist because of this list.

1. Grace Greenan

Recommend songs: “Fed-Ex” and “6am”

Buffalo, New York based singer-songwriter Grace Greenan celebrates the art of escapism. Simply put, the foundation of her stories have deep emotional depth and meaning, inspired from a vast variety of genres. Grace is inspired by artists like Billie Eilish, Gracie Abrams, Lizzie McAlpine, Amy Winehouse, and Adele.

She’s had a very successful past few months, including playing various shows both in her hometown of Buffalo and in cities like New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

Her most recent release is the six track EP who I am now, which features one of our favorite songs “6am.” Along with this release, she ended 2022 with the release of the single “Fed-Ex,” a song written about a true story. The song is catchy and easy to jam along to. Whenever you see a FedEx truck on the highway now, think of Grace.

Grace Greenan will be your next favorite singer-songwriter and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

2. Yet To Bloom

Recommend songs: “People Pleaser” and “Thorn In Your Side”

Yet To Bloom by LA Rodgers

Yet To Bloom is a pop-punk and pop-rock band from Boston, MA. Although born and raised in different parts of Hong Kong and the United States, the four piece united while studying at Berklee College of Music. Fueled by twinkly leads, catchy hooks, and self-aware lyrics, Yet To Bloom authentically narrates their collective coming-of-age experience. With diversity at the forefront, the band leverages their individual influences and creates a combination that is undeniable.

The band has quickly risen in popularity, with over 100k streams on their debut track, “People Pleaser” (listen below), and for only good reasons. They played their debut show in January 2022 and have only been proving their place in music since. “People Pleaser” was included on a three track EP called Ashes, Ashes, where the band tackles their collective grief about their loss of youth and taking on adult responsibilities. These three songs, coming in at just under 11 minutes, are a great way to spend a spring day.

Each song represents a habit from childhood that the band is learning to break, from imposter syndrome, people-pleasing tendencies, and pursuing toxic relationships. The process of self-realization is grueling and can take years, which the band juxtaposes with uptempo, danceable songs with a self-aware twist.

Along with this debut February 2023 release, they have opened for notable acts such as Pinkshift, Pictoria Vark, and Alex Melton. Be on the lookout for more from Yet To Bloom – we sense more music coming soon!

3. A Day Without Love

Recommend songs: “Home On The Highway” and “Caffeine”

A Day Without Love by Bill Streicher

On March 24, A Day Without Love released four new songs under the name Tour is Not a Road Trip. It presents a look at the upcoming full length album, A Stranger That You Met Before.

A Day Without Love is the diverse multi-genre project of Philadelphia native, Brian Walker. Spanning various genres from folk punk, indie, emo, blues, jazz, and EDM, the project took form as a recording and live project in 2013.

The concept of A Day Without Love was born from struggle and took action after experiencing 19 days of homelessness due to Hurricane Sandy. Walker decided to pursue music with the intent of rising above his own adversity and sharing a story of hope, inspiration, and support for all. Walker’s work consists of varying stories about depression, addiction, racism, sociopolitical inequality and how to cope with these issues.

Since 2013, ADWL has engaged in various projects such as fundraising, awareness campaigns, collaborations, skill sharing, hosting meetups, leading community groups, marching and more.

Walker is also the host of Dreams Not Memes podcast which showcases 1,000 stories of entrepreneurs and creatives and how they achieve their goals.

If you enjoy artists like Queen of Jeans, Oceanator, Proper, and Blvck Hippie, you will enjoy A Day Without Love. Be sure to listen to Tour is Not a Road Trip today.

4. girlfriend on the moon

Recommend songs: “Mouse Keeper” and “Steady”

Based out of Los Angeles, California, girlfriend on the moon is a band with all LGBTQ+ members. While their individual musical styles and tastes vary widely, the group collectively draws influences and is for fans of artists like Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers, and The Japanese House. If you like the sound of these artists you are sure to enjoy girlfriend on the moon.

Writing songs touching on queer love, heartache, and navigating the world with their intersecting, fluid identities, their songs are gentle and sweet while still retaining an edge. They have a great way with words and story telling.

“Mouse Keeper” was their first single in 2021 followed by an updated version in 2022 on their EP Killer. What is a ‘Mouse Keeper’ you may be asking? It’s you. The band shared on Instagram, “it may take awhile to find yourself, but know that there is no longer this desperate need to explain your identity to anyone. Those who truly want to engage in the work of love with you and alongside you will not make you feel like you have to know exactly who and what you are, but instead will rejoice in the fact that you have the opportunity to become a new creation every single day.”

5. Public Opinion

Recommend songs: “Heaven Sent” and “Dry Clean Only”

Public Opinion by Oliver Fitz

Public Opinion returned with a new two-song single, Heaven Sent, on February 22 via Convulse Records. The title track and its b-side “Dry Clean Only” find the Denver-based group in their element, pushing the melody and bite of their sound even further.

Heaven Sent follows their 2022 EP Modern Convenience and marks their first time working with engineer/producer Taylor Young (God’s Hate, Militarie Gun, Ingrown, Nails). The band effortlessly combine primal first wave punk with a sense of unabashed catchiness, managing to keep a foot in guitar pop band and ferocious hardcore without missing a beat.

The band just finished up a tour, sharing dates with Rex Tycoon, MSPAINT, Prize Horse, and Who Decides but have plenty of more dates this year. If Public Opinion comes to a city near you, they are a must watch! In June, they will be playing cities like Boise, Seattle, Portlant, Fresno, Denver, and more.

6. Omerta

Recommend songs: “Antiamorous” and “Garbage”

Omerta by @vincentevoid

Omerta is an up and coming powerhouse within the nu-metal community. Self-proclaimed as “America’s most hated boy band”, the Houston natives push genres beyond their limits, creating a beautifully chaotic soundscape with their songs that cite influences from hardcore to hyperpop and even to vocaloid music. The band came onto the scene with the release of Hyperviolence in October 2020 with production by Vincente Void, former vocalist of Darke Complex and somewhat of an unofficial member of Omerta for his frequent work with the band.

They recently announced their upcoming second album Suicycle with the single, “Antiamorous” featuring JOHNNASCUS, which was released April 4, 2023. With this new song, Omerta does what they do best: defy and expand the expectations of the nu-metal genre. It’s difficult to put into words what this song does; it carries the same level of fast paced hardcore with tinges of electronics that take on a bigger role with modified vocals later in the song in between clean vocals and screams. It’s truly just one of those songs you have to listen for yourself because there really is nothing like it.

Omerta will be touring this May, opening for The Amity Affliction and headlining additional dates in between those. You can find their tour dates and tickets here.

Watch Omerta perform in March 2022 below.

7. Crooked Teeth

Recommend songs: “Landslide” and “Beg”

Crooked Teeth by Maya Holt

Bay Area trio Crooked Teeth is the pop-punk band you’ve been looking for. Originally founded in 2017 by Tyson Evans (vocalist and guitarist), the band has evolved to its state today with Emma Oakley (vocalist and bassist) and Jason Hayes (drummer).

Their latest single, “Landslide” is pure pop punk fun. With its unassuming quiet intro, the song bursts into life in an instant with its catchy riffs. It’s perfect for anyone who’s been craving the sound of self-titled Blink 182 and Box Car Racer with its energetic hooks and dual vocalists on the track. Along with that, this single marks the first song of theirs with Emma Oakley taking up lead vocals.

Since then, the band has been teasing their next single, “Drink Bleach”, which is slated to release May 12. If you love what you’ve heard from them so far, be sure to check them out and pre-save their upcoming single! They’ll be going on a handful of tour dates this summer and ticket information can be found here.

8. Buggin

Recommend songs: “All Eyes On You” and “My Rules”

Buggin by Farrah Skeiky

Chicago hardcore band Buggin is here to have a good time.

On June 2, their long-awaited first full-length, Concrete Cowboys, will be released via Flatspot Records. The songs are vibrant, groovy, and real, mixing more playful elements with cathartic moments. The album follows 2021’s Buggin Out EP, and singles “Brainfreeze” (2021) and “Attitude” (2022).

First taste comes in “All Eyes On You,” a blistering track (released April 2) bringing to mind bands like Bad Brains and Righteous Jams. The second taste of the record “Not You,” released on April 25, takes on a more serious tone for the band. It delves into the tokenization of women and non-binary folks in the hardcore scene, as vocalist Bryanna Bennett proclaims “call us female fronted you can eat my fist.” The song itself highlights the band’s punchy, shout-along style built on potent rhythms and made for two-stepping.

Buggin has also announced they will be heading to Europe for the first time this summer alongside Buffalo, New York based hardcore band Spaced. The bands will be visiting cities such as Newcastle, London, Paris, Hannover, Berlin, and more.

With the release of Concrete Cowboys, Buggin continues to keep their be true to yourself mentality and push towards a bright future in hardcore.

Buggin is Bryanna Bennett (vocals), Dewey Hendrik (bass), Peyton Roberts (guitar), and Michael Rasmussen (drums).

9. Gutter King

Recommend songs: “Bloodrush” and “Beyond Grief”

Gutter King by Alan Bremner

Calgary metalcore band Gutter King is breaking barriers and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

They just released their song “Bloodrush” on March 24. The track is written, recorded, and produced by the band themselves, and mixed and mastered by George Lever (Sleep Token, Thornhill, Loathe). Everything, outside of the mixing and mastering, is done in-house by the band themselves, showing their DIY spirit and ethics. This is notable and alongside their wonderful new single, is the reason why Gutter King should be on your radar this spring.

The music video for “Bloodrush” was directed by Gutter King’s guitarist Alan Bremner and drummer Grant Gorieu had to learn how to be a camera operator on the fly for video (Bremner taught him on-site). Along with this, Bremner is currently on tour with Beartooth as a content creator.

Guitarist/vocalist Seth Shimp produces and writes pop music, as well as taking the lead on production for “Bloodrush.”

Vocalist Bertie Heatlie shared, “Although certain aspects of our music are outsourced (e.g., mixing and mastering), we try to do everything as independently as possible.”

And on the new single the band shares, “Life can’t be defined simply in terms of good or bad, but rather, it’s a complicated mix of both and everything in between. ‘Bloodrush’ is a reminder that to live is to embrace every part of life, even if it hurts.”

10. Love You Later

Recommend songs: “Keepintouch” and “Girl With Headphones”

Since 2018 and the release of the single “Growing Season,” Love You Later has been on my [Karalyn’s] radar. Love You Later is the solo project of Nashville-based singer and songwriter Lexi Aviles. With earworm singles like “Keepintouch” and even more recently, “Girl With Headphones,” this alt-pop artist is proving her spot in the genre and as a must listen artist for 2023.

“Girl With Headphones” is a blissful alt-pop track about growing up and embracing life’s unknowns. It was released on February 24 and was the first single to her EP From The Window Seat, due May 5. Opening with a pulsing fuzzy synth arp, the song blooms with sweetness as Lexi’s dreamy vocals kick in.

Love You Later makes you feel like you’re in a dream, and a good dream.

11. Fox Teeth

Recommend songs: “Wednesday Forever???” and “Promises”

Fox Teeth by Abby Clare

Fox Teeth is a New Jersey duo that makes emo music for the kids that have some fun with it. Originally a solo project of vocalist and guitarist Sawyer Rich, the addition of drummer Andrew Romanowski forms the lineup today.

With their first album tite! released in 2020, the band has come back better than ever with their second and newest release, Through the Blue, released March 2023. If you’re a fan of bands like Movements and Carly Cosgrove, you’re sure to like the sound Fox Teeth brings to the table. The album is accented its shoegaze interludes and classic emo tunes angsting over relationships, change, and even gender.

“Through the Blue is the most reflective of our sound and growth as a band, and I couldn’t be more excited to show that to the world,” says vocalist Sawyer Rich. “If you’re looking for a soundtrack into early adulthood, we’ve got you covered.”

12. Dying Wish

Recommend songs: “Torn From Your Silhouette” and “Until Mourning Comes”

Dying Wish is a Portland, Oregon, based metalcore band signed to SharpTone Records who released their debut album in October 2021. They are our last recommendation to listen to this spring because of their recent single release and for what may come in the future. They just released the single “Torn From Your Silhouette” and it’s truly one of their best tracks to date. And they’re still only getting started. Vocalist Emma Boster has been sharing on social media that they have been working on LP2, too.

The diverse group forged a musical and activist identity in the DIY scene. Even as they’ve graduated to bigger tours with more prominent metalcore bands, they continue to uphold those ethics, espousing the values of equality, justice, and self-determination.

On the new track, Emma shares, “While writing this song, I was tender from a recent heartache. I felt as if society’s standard for romance had become increasingly casual. While that felt comfortable for me for a while, I had grown into a place in my life where I was seeking more from my connections with other people. I was ready to tear down the walls I had put up to protect myself. This song is about accepting that would result in what I had feared the most: rejection and pain.”

Dying Wish will be on the road later this month and into May if you are located in Germany, Poland, UK, and surrounding areas. More information on the dates are available here.

Listen to these artists on our accompanying Spotify playlist below! Happy Spring and we’ll be back this summer with another list of must listen artists.

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