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13 Bands Playing Flyover Festival 2023 To Listen To: Part 5

Flyover Fest—formerly Act Like You Know Fest and Promcore—returns to Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 17 to 19 for a weekend full of hardcore music. Featuring over fifty unique artists from all over the country (even Canada), the weekend promises to be unforgettable. That being said, with so many artists listed on the bill it can be difficult to figure out who you want to see, so we at For The Punks thought we’d make a column detailing various artists performing at the festival and share them with all of you!

1. Wreckage

Connecticut based band Wreckage will be performing on the third day of Flyover Festival with bands like Anklebiter, Squint, and Sign Language. Wreckage kicked off 2023 strong with an album release on New Year’s Day via Scheme Records and just a week later, performing at FYA Festival in Florida. They’ve been busy since playing other cities across the states. If Wreckage wasn’t on your radar yet, they should be, especially if you enjoy current bands like Anklebiter, Raw Brigade, Magnitude, and Spaced.

Watch a video of Wreckage performing at FYA 2023 below.

2. Free 4 All

OKC-based band Free 4 All has had one heck of a year so far. They’ve had two releases this year, a promo and a split. Most recently, the band dropped the split, a collaboration titled Blood 4 All, recorded with Out 4 Blood. This was released with the help of Hive Minded Records.

Free 4 All will help open up the first day of this year’s Flyover Festival. Listen to their 2023 promo below.

3. Anklebiter

Northeast straight-edge outfit Anklebiter recently released their EP To Live and Withstand via Sunday Drive Records, a blazing seven song release compiled of short bursts that pack a punch. 2022 saw the band’s explosive debut, a self-titled demo. With only a year in between these two collections of songs, it just goes to show the band’s dedication to the mastery of their craft, begging the question of when fans will be treated to the group’s highly anticipated full-length.

Watch Anklebiter perform at Flyover 2022 below.

4. Life Force

Life Force is a straight edge hardcore band based out of Texas and Oklahoma that formed in 2018 and who will be returning to the Tulsa area for the festival. In 2021, they performed at Promcore (the festival name before Flyover). They are part of New Age Records. Their most recent release was an eight track album in 2020 titled Hope and Defiance. They will be be performing at Flyover Festival on Friday, November 17 this year.

Watch them perform at Promcore 2021 below.

5. Primitive Rage

Primitive Rage is a Springfield, Missouri based band who’s had a busy year. They released an album in January to kick off the year and then followed this release with a split with The Tooth (another band playing the festival) in October. Around Flyover Festival, Primitive Rage, No Cure, and Morbid Visionz will be playing some shows together. Including stops in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, this is a tour to not miss.

Watch a video of Primitive Rage performing earlier this year below.

6. Rabbit

New York City based band Rabbit will be taking the stage this year at Flyover Festival on Friday, November 17. In July of this year, they released a five song EP called Bardo through Delayed Gratification Records (DGR) and it’s one to check out if you enjoy a pissed-off hardcore sound.

Listen to their 2023 EP below.

7. The Runts

The Runts are a hardcore punk band from Los Angeles, California. Their current members are Nicolas Carabajal (Vocals), Fred (Bass), Eddie Torres (Drummer), and Cameron Line (Guitar). The band formed in 2005 and in 2012, they took a hiatus. They have come back in recent years to not only play shows again, but they released an EP in February of this year called Broken Hearts Want Broken Necks. Read more about the band in a 2021 No Echo interview here.

Listen to their song “Jumpstart” below.

8. Peeling Flesh

Oklahoma band PeelingFlesh will make their return to Flyover Festival this year on Saturday, November 18. With multiple releases this year, including an EP called Slamaholics, Vol. 2 the band is hard to miss. They formed in 2021 and have been growing steady since. 2023 has been their most successful year yet. This year, they toured with Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin.

Watch the band perform last year at the festival below.

9. Kharma

Kharma is a hardcore band that’s been representing for Chicago since forming back in 2015. Though they have not released music since 2020, they have still been busy playing shows across the United States. Their 2020 release turns three years old on November 20, so being part of Flyover Festival is only fitting to celebrate. They are represented by Flatspot Records and will be performing the Flyover Festival after show on Friday, November 17.

Watch a video of the band performing below.

10. Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal is a hardcore band from Texas who will be performing the Flyover after show with Kharma and Agony on Friday, November 17. Though they haven’t had the busiest year, they released a demo on December 30 of 2022, which you can listen to below.

11. Agony

Agony will be returning as part of Flyover Festival this year. They will be performing the after show on Friday, November 17 with Kharma and Mass Appeal. In 2022, they released a seven track album. Though they haven’t released anything since, they have kept busy this year playing shows.

Watch Agony perform live at the festival last year below.

12. Rejoice

Featuring members of En Love and The Way, Ohio based band Rejoice draw influence from groups like Cursed, Dead in the Dirt, Mind Eraser, and Converge. The band will be performing at both the festival and the Saturday, November 18 after show. Though they have not had a 2023 release, they released music in both 2021 and 2022 through Delayed Gratification Records.

Watch Rejoice perform live below.

13. Sinister Feeling

Baltimore based band Sinister Feeling will be making their way to Tulsa for the first time this year. They will be performing the after show on Saturday, November 18. To kick off 2023, they released a four track promo via Rebirth Records. In May of 2022, they released their debut demo, also via Rebirth Records.

Listen to Sinister Feeling below.

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