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13 Businesses To Support During The Summer Of 2021

It is summer time! Here at For The Punks, we created a list of 13 small businesses that we think you should take the time to support this summer! Featuring small businesses that focus on canvas work, pins, ceramics, and more, this list is sure to brighten up your season. Along with our list, we created a Spotify playlist of must listen artists! Check it out at the bottom of this piece. Enjoy!

Handmade Art by Katie's Collective

We recently discovered Katie’s Collective on TikTok, a small business that works with canvas, textured, and 3D art. We love her style and knew that with her most recent releases like “You’re My Sunshine,” we had to feature her work on our site. Along with her canvas work, Katie’s Collective sells prints and stickers.

Moon Drops by Norah

Moon Drops by Norah is a small business that focuses on making earrings. This shop also frequently collaborates with other small businesses (which we love) and has apparel, prints, and stickers. Norah’s next update is avaiable on Friday June 25 at 4PM Eastern.

Ceramics by Holly Ann Artworks

Holly is a ceramics artist and small business owner. Holly also works with canvas (paintings, portraits) but she loves ceramics the most. Holly says, “I fell in love with the tangibility of the art form as well as its unlimited functions” and “I am also an advocate for eco friendly endeavors therefore most of my packing materials are reused/recycled!”. Holly also has comissions open.

Candles from Niran Essentials

Niran Essentials was created by Janet Ogunniran, a Nigerian-American woman who took her love for candles to the next level. Through her ongoing journey of growing, healing, and rediscovering herself, she took a random thought of making candles, and turned it into a brand.All of their candles are hand poured in small batches, and are made with the customers best interest in mind.

Apparel by VIRGO

By supporting VIRGO you are not only supporting a small business, but a woman owned business as well. VIRGO’s goal is to support and empower those who may have struggled or are still struggling to find their purpose in life. Spread love and positivity this summer with VIRGO’s “Be Kind” tee and a handful of other products including stickers, planners, prints, and more!

Crochet by Doe & Deer

Doe & Deer is a queer Black owned small crochet business. Along with crochet tops, Doe & Deer sells crochet bags, scarfs, earrings, and more. Custom orders are always welcome, as well as plus-sized items/custom sizing! We 100% recommend shopping with Doe & Deer this summer and keeping up with their social media for future updates and news!

Vegan Cookbooks + Treats by

Dominique Williamson is the owner of a small business that provides vegan cookbooks and treats. Her goal is to educate more people about veganism. This small Black woman owned business is one of our favorites on this list. It’s a must support this summer! The book Vegan Hippie Sol features smokin’ sausage biscuits and gravy, BBQ pulled “pork” sandwich, Philly cheez steaks, coconut creamed corn, sweet agave banana cornbread, and more.

Art by The Moon Witch

Chichi, also known as the Moon Witch is a small business owner. The Moon Witch, both BIPOC and woman owned, runs an Etsy shop with a mix of everything including themed mystery boxes, home decor, jewlery, and more. The Moon Witch draws a lot of inspiration from nature, which we love. We think this is great for the summer season.

Stickers by Massiveus

Moni is a lesbian artist and the co-owner of an Etsy shop, Massiveus, where they sell keychains, stickers, prints, and pins. MASSIVEUS is a jointly owned shop by allibunn and scarysu. We think the colors and style of their products (cute yellows and pinks) are fitting for the summer months.

Flash Sheets by AngelMakesThings

AngelMakesThings is a small business that sells flash sheets, lighters, wall hangings, pins, stickers, and more! We love their Paramore flash sheet. It’s a great addition to summer! It is a hand drawn original flash sheet with lyrics from: “Caught In The Middle”, “Rose-Colored Boy”, and “Anklebiters”. AngelMakesthings also has a pin for “Rose-Colored Boy” and a sticker pack inspired by the flash sheet.

Art by Ki (JupiterMagick)

Ki is the owner of JupiterMagick, a small business that sells all sorts of stuff! From stickers, to earrings, to rings, and even coasters, we are sure that you can find something to love from Ki’s shop. Ki also has their customer orders open!

Pins + Stickers by Meztermind

Meztermind is a small black woman owned business that is perfect for anime lovers, gamers, LGBTQIA, body positive folks, and more. This shop is filled with stickers, pins, and merch. The owner Mez says, “It is now my time to venture out on her own to build her own. Every design contains a lot of my love…”

Rhinestone Cowgirl Collection by Dreamhouse Shop

Bella is the owner of Seattle, Washington based Dreamhouse Shop, a small business that makes happiness out of clay. We love Bella’s shop because of her creativity and shop options, including earrings, necklaces, prints, stickers, home goodies, and more. Her Rhinestone Cowgirl Collection, her most recent collection we think is perfect for the upcoming summer months, is out now.

Along with this list of small businesses to support, we put together a playlist of songs and artists you should be listening to this summer! Check out the playlist below and our official post by clicking here.

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