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13 Businesses To Support For Pride Month 2021

This June, and every other day of the year, it is important to support small and local LGBTQA+ businesses around your area and across the world. Your For The Punks staff created a list of 13 businesses to support this month. If you cannot purchase or order a commission from one of these businesses, consider sharing their posts on social media, tagging a friend, or giving them a comment on their posts!

We hope you enjoy this list! Share more businesses with us on our social media (@ftpunks)! We’ll be sure to repost, retweet, etc.

Personalized Keyrings by EmKayCrafts

EmKayCrafts is an LGBTQ+ business owner who specializes in making keychains. Though they make other keyrings (like ones for your pets!), a popular item in their shop is their personalized name keyrings. Emily posts their process on their tiktok (@emkaycrafts) and shares their thoughts and customizations. Many use these keyrings as a way to come out, but it would also be a great gift to be a supportive friend!

Pride Crewnecks + Items from Cate8Cate

20 year old Cate is the owner of Cate8Cate. She is a bi artist who is currently selling pride shirts, crewnecks, and totes! Cate does her best to use all recycled materials. Each package is put together and sent with love. Outside of her pride collection, she also sells earrings, beanies, and more inspired by natural items like plants, butterflies, bees, and the sun.

Pride Collection by Third Polaroids Designs

Third Polaroids Designs is a business owned by a LGBTQ+ couple who loves to make art! They are based in Canada. They specialize in digital art and polymer clay. They just announced their pride collection! It features stickers, earrings, and more! 10% of profits from their pride collection goes towards local and Canada based LQBTQ+ charities!

Pride Pendants

Looking for some new pride jewelry? Tay’s Wrap is the perfect play to go! Tay posted on their TikTok of experiencing disappointment in companies pride collections, and in response, created their own. Their shop restocks on June 4th, so make sure to head over and get some beautiful handmade jewelry!

Pride Apparel and Accessories by Rainbow Certified

Rainbow Certified is a queer owned business that “started with two girls falling in love” and is the place for all your pride apparel needs. With everything from dresses to button ups, shoes to dog collars, Rainbow Certified is a diverse shop that offers specific pride collections as well as other unique styles. There is truly something for everyone in this pride shop!

Shop Kayelle Suede by KellinIsKing

Black and LGBTQ+ owned and San Diego Based business, Shop Kayelle Suede was created by content creator KellinIsKing (he/him) to provide clothing and accessories that anyone can wear. This is one of our favorite creators and businesses right now, especially after his recent collaboration with Sleeping With Sirens lead singer Kellin Quinn. He has hoodies, stickers, and more in his shop.

Moon by Moon Crochet by Vynique

Moon by Moon Crochet by Vynique is a Black and LGBTQ+ owned business that specializes in crochet (hats, sweaters, scrunchies, and more). One of their recent projects included this custom cardigan pictured.

Art by Victoria West Creations

Victoria West Creations is a 19 year old Black artist from South Carolina who sells keychains, prints, stickers, and more on their website. We love her fan art (she currently has an Attack On Titan sale) and her resources for other businesses and customers. Her commissions are currently open as well!

Candles from Manifest and Vibes

Manifest and Vibes is a Black owned candle business. This company will be your next favorite candle dealer. They say, “… We are so proud of our brand and we are committed to bring you better scents as time goes on. Manifestation is real and everything you already want is yours, remember that when lighting our candles!”

Manifest and Vibes pride collection launches on June 1st!

Apparel & Art Prints from Natalie Abbott Design

Natalie Abbott Design is an artist from the United Kingdom who focuses on selling apparel, art prints, stickers, and more! They will be removing some sale items from their shop soon. Be sure to support them today! Their commissions are also open (logos, tattoos, merchandise, etc).

Pride by Gardens of Gaia

Support a nonbinary queer small business owner this year by heading to Gardens of Gaia’s shop! Gardens of Gaia is a small business that sells handmade clothing, accessories, and home decor! Their pride 2021 shop update includes bralettes, keychains, bandanas, and more!

Stickers + Postcards from Inka Tuulia

Inka Tuulia is a queer artist who sells prints, stickers, pins, and postcards of their artwork! We love their artwork and use of natural elements like mushrooms, flowers, and more. We highly recommend checking out their stickers and postcards!

Mushroom Buds from VibrantVibes by Sam

Sam is a bi artist and small business owner who focuses on making driftwood jewerly hangers and other functional art. Sam’s pride collection of mushroom buds was launched on June 1.

For her past mushroom bud collections she says, “These little mushroom plant buds are perfect for any pot inside or outside(fading may occur outdoors) and are made from recycled wine corks! Give your plants some buds to hang with! Each mushroom has a face on one side but can easily be turned to hide it. Adopt a mushroom bud today!”

Along with this list of amazing artists and small businesses, we put together a playlist of songs you should be listening to! It is a diverse playlist that includes artists from rap, hip-hop, pop, hardcore, punk, and more! Check it out below and on our Spotify today.

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