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2 Record Labels Sponsoring Flyover Festival This Year

No festival could be complete without a little assistance. With Flyover Festival it is no different, being sponsored by Delayed Gratification Records and Convulse Records!

Photo of Prevention by @thedumbpunk

Delayed Gratification Records is a label based out of Ohio, established in 2013. The label was started in 2013 by Vladimir Necovski in his parents’ household. Necovski started the label as a way to be involved in the music scene in his area while friends of his were releasing music in their own bands. After getting into buying physical copies of music, such as vinyls and cassettes, it gave a bigger incentive to start the label using other labels as templates. “I was so into Run for Cover I even wrote a college paper on the label for a marketing class.”

Delayed Gratification has released 38 different releases with over 20 different artists since their formation. Hosting many underground groups from Ohio, bringing the best the state has to offer in the hardcore scene. If you check out their Bandcamp you will notice they pride themselves on physical releases over digital with most Bandcamp releases asking for the small cost of $999 for digital releases. All this encourages the purchase of physical copies. The latest release from the label comes from the band Piss Me Off with their full length 2 Much Power. This year thus far the label has seven releases under their belt with more on the way. En Love, Prevention, Rabbit, and Sour will be representing Delayed Gratification at Flyover Festival this year. If you are interested to hear the best of Ohio hardcore go check out Delayed Gratification’s Bandcamp and website.

Check out the release from Prevention below.

Convulse Records is a DIY hardcore label out of Colorado. Started by musician Adam Croft after coming into a sum of money, he started putting out seven inches and tapes for his friends. Once more groups started coming along and the label started picking up momentum, Croft relocated the label to Denver in 2019. With Croft being integrated into DIY culture, some might say it runs in his blood, turning the label into a household name in the scene wasn’t a shocker. Even though the label has gotten bigger it hasn’t forgotten its roots with Croft stating, “We’ve got a big volunteer team now. There’s five or six people at any given time that are all involved in helping run it — the shows we book and the mail-order operation and distribution. But it’s still just a DIY hardcore and punk label that’s mostly just a bunch of boxes in my apartment and a storage unit.”

Many bands on Convulse records, past and present, have become household names in the hardcore community. The band has been home to 29 groups within the hardcore scene. Featuring bands like Militarie Gun, GEL, Urban Sprawl, and MSPAINT, the label doesn’t seem to be stopping when it comes to finding the next big artist to come from hardcore. With 11 releases this year thus far, the latest being Live in Liverpool from BIB, Convulse isn’t slowing down anytime soon and looks to remain a powerhouse in DIY hardcore for years to come.

BIB, Spine, Raw Breed, Public Opinion, Candy Apple, and Gumm will be representing Convulse records this year at Flyover. If you want to stay up with their great offerings you can check out Convulse’s Bandcamp and website.

Listen to the recent release from SPINE below.

You can check out these labels and some of the bands featured at Flyover Fest on their website.

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