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A Day In The Life of America Part Two

“…and this time next year, a three week tour will seem like a pebble compared to the mass of the rock that we will roll in 2020.”

On America Part Two’s ‘Fall 2019 Tour,’ the three piece rock band from New Jersey stopped at Erie’s PACA (Performing Artists Collective Alliance) for the very first time. The ‘Fall 2019 Tour’ also hit fifteen other stops including popular cities like Brooklyn, Indianapolis, Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta.

Before the trio started their load in, they ventured around the city of Erie stopping at local thrift shops and eateries to pass the time and support local shops. During our time at PACA, we spent a ton of time obsessing over the art, collectibles, and other knickknacks throughout the venue. Even though they were new to the Erie area, the fans, venue staff, and arts community made America Part Two feel at home.

Everything in America Part Two is a team effort. Between setting up their merchandise table, load in, and performing on stage, Alex Fabio (vocals/guitar), Fred Koechlin (vocals/bass), and Sam Weingarten (drums), are the perfect trio of friends to rock along with. Along with that, the trio is filled with positive vibes all around. They’re always laughing. No, that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on a joke or anything. They simply just like to look at each other and laugh, as good friends do.

America Part Two played “Talk It Out” and “I Don’t Wanna,” two new singles that they released this year. “Talk It Out,” that came out a month ago, is a noteworthy conversation. It’s described as,“if two people can tame their foolish, misguided, reactionary stances for just long enough to hear each other out, we might have a shot in this world.”

“Talk It Out” is one of my favorite songs to come out this year. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the song yet, you’re missing out. The end of your 2019 will be complete with America Part Two’s addictive sounds.

“I wanna save the world

But no one’s gonna hear me out

I wanna change the world

But no one wants to Talk It Out”

Alex, Fred, and Sam talked to me about their spooky ghost stories from their overnight stay. The trio is full of creative ideas and positive energy, which is obvious in their songs and performances. They are passionate about their music and put everything they have into their work. If I could, I would watch their performance a hundred more times.

America Part Two left an impact on Erie: multiple people came up to Alex, Fred, and Sam after their set saying how much they enjoyed it and were begging them to come back in the area (which, they said they definitely would).

With that being said, get ready to rock with America Part Two in 2020. Alex posted on the band’s Instagram that not only is he thankful for everyone that attended a date of their ‘Fall 2019 Tour’ but at “this time next year, a three week tour will seem like a pebble compared to the mass of the rock that we will roll in 2020.”

America Part Two is putting in their action to change and save the world, on all different levels. With their energy-filled performances of songs like “Talk It Out” and “I Don’t Wanna,” they are forever standing by their mission statement of:


America Part Two is finishing out the year strong with two final shows. They will rock a show in New Jersey on November 30 at BoonTunes with A Boy Named John and Steel City Ruins. On December 6, they will be hitting the stage at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, New York along with favorites in A Will Away, Small Talks, Sunsleeper, and Trick Blue.

For more information on these two shows, head over to their Facebook page today.


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