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Act Like You Know Festival To Take Place November 18 to 20 In Tulsa, OK

For The Punks will be heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma this November 18 to 20 to cover the Act Like You Know Festival (previously Promcore) at the VFW Post 577. Act Like You Know is an annual punk and hardcore fest that is a benefit for Oklahomans For Equality.

Oklahomans For Equality seeks equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals and families through intersectional advocacy, education, programs, alliances, and the operation of the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center. Serving LGBTQ+ Oklahomans and their allies since 1980, Oklahomans for Equality is home to a diverse, vibrant, and engaged community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, knowledgeable staff, and dedicated volunteers.

The festival has had a history of bringing in a variety of punk and hardcore bands, both new to the scene and others that are larger. It’s usually a diverse lineup too, with representation for many communities. Some bands that have played in past years include One Step Closer, Zulu, Purgatory, Crafter, Ballista, I Am, Time and Pressure, Kharma, End On End, En Love, Pickwick Commons, and many (many) others.

It’s a wonderful festival to not only see some of your favorites but to be introduced to the new faces in the hardcore scene. That’s one of the many reasons why we got involved with this festival, to give another platform to the up-and-coming bands in the scene.

The 2022 lineup is one you don’t want to miss.

Some bands on the lineup, like Anklebiter and Spaced, just came about in the past few months, while others like Anxious and Foreign Hands have been in the scene for a few years.

The full list of bands that are playing this year are Amnesia Garden, Anklebiter, Anxious, Blind To Life, Broken Vow, Cell, Chemical Fix, Constraint, Deepincision, Direct Measure, End Game, End It, First Day Out, Foreign Hands, Gates To Hell, Gridiron, Last Gasp, Living In Fear, Move BHC, Ozone, Peeling Flesh, Prevention, Pummel, Raw Life, Rejection Pact, ROT, Scowl, Sentenced 2 Die, SHIIVA, Si Dios Quiere, Side Eye, Slug, Snuffed, Snuffed On Sight, Spaced, Split, Spy, Squint, Strangle You, Take It To Heart, Terminal Nation, Wide Man, and Wish You Death.

A handful of these bands will be making their return to the festival including Scowl, Constraint, ROT, Chemical Fix, Rejection Pact, Gates To Hell, and Strangle You while others like Gridiron, End It, Anxious, Spy, Foreign Hands, Move, Spaced, and Broken Vow will be making their Tulsa debut.

Most bands on this lineup have had releases in the past year as well, or plan to release in the coming months before the festival. Leading up to the festival, we will provide reviews and news about these releases so you don’t miss a thing!

Act Like You Know 2021 by Precious Tucker

Breaking down the festival lineup in a few other ways is always fun.

For your Northeast Representation (New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, etc), you have bands like Anxious, Move, End It, Foreign Hands, Broken Vow, Spaced, Anklebiter, Chemical Fix, Pummel, Raw Life, and Wish You Death.

First Day Out, Living In Fear, and Strangle You are three amazing bands from Atlanta, Georgia.

And from Texas you have Ozone, Amnesia Garden, and Deepincision.

I’m sure there’s many other ways to break down the lineup, but those are just some examples! We’ll do even more as the festival gets closer.

Along with all of the amazing performers this year, this festival would not have happened if it wasn’t for the sponsors.

Along with us, For The Punks and the How Are You Really Feeling? Podcast, sponsors include Triple B Records, DAZE Records, Sunday Drive Records, Delayed Gratification Records, Another City Records, Black Gold Tattoos (Tulsa), The Sanctuary, Bored Magazine, Backroom Prints, Boulevard Trash, PatientZeroRecords, Ruby Mae’s, Paul Mitchell The School (Tulsa), Tulsa Band Of Guitars, and Tulsa Time Travelers.

Buy your Act Like You Know tickets today and keep up to date on our website for interviews, features, and reviews!

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