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Action/Adventure And Belmont Visit Atlanta, GA on December 10 with Local Openers Champagne Colored Cars

On Friday, December 10, I had the opportunity to catch Action/Adventure supporting Belmont on tour in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally, Action/Adventure was the opener, but the direct supporters, In Her Own Words, had to drop off the tour due to COVID-19 related issues. Local support Champagne Colored Cars opened the show.

Belmont, being known for their catchy pop punk choruses and beefy breakdowns, left me excitedly anticipating how Action/Adventure would fit the bill. All I can say is “WOW’.

Action/Adventure brought so much life and entertainment to the show; it was insane. While I was watching them, it feel pure and fresh; there were no gimmicks, no tricks and no egos. Just 5 friends on stage, doing what they love. That being said, their performance was outstanding. Clean vocals, smooth guitar and thick bass and drums. Everything just flowed so charismatically.

Action/Adventure by Dylan Fipps

Action/Adventure also knows how to involve an audience with their playful humor and commentary throughout the set, making you feel like you’re just another friend hanging out while they practice or something. Truly amazing.

Following Action/Adventure was the very well known Belmont, of course, who actually took a different approach. Most bands come out and either say “Hey! We are *insert band name* let’s have some fun” or they have some sort of build up while they come out. Not Belmont. These guys walked out, plugged in and came out swinging. They knew why they were there; to give the crowd a great show and a fun experience and that’s exactly what they did.

The crowd was already pretty warmed up from Action/Adventure as well as the local support, Champagne Colored Cars. When Belmont hit the stage, the crowd lost control. Stage diving, moshing, crowd surfing, and more. Lots of high energy and love coming from everyone. If someone got knocked down, they would get picked right back up and back in the action.

Unfortunately, this tour has came to an end, but keep an eye out for these bands. You will not regret catching these bands perform live.

Champagne Colored Cars



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