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Review: Addison Grace Releases Debut EP “Immaturing”

19. The age where adolescence meets adulthood, the in between placeholder of maturity, and a time of uncertainty and change. However, there’s one act that could lock us in this memory forever and that is music.

Singer and songwriter Addison Grace recently experienced the age of 19. His new EP, Immaturing, captures the realities and fantasies that go hand in hand with trying to navigate the next chapter of one’s life.

Addison Grace by Courtney Kiara

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Grace was surrounded by family and friends that did not share the same passion for music. This often led him to feeling somewhat isolated. At the same time, this also led Grace to the internet, where they would finally find some place of belonging.

“I honestly found myself and understood who I was because of other musicians,” explains Grace. “I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I’m shocked it worked out so far because in every aspect, I am very much self taught.”

Grace has also left social media in a state of shock because of how captivating their music is thus far. Their career is just taking off, yet they have already amassed an impressive following across multiple platforms. This is no small feat in such a media driven and competitive industry. The numbers speak for themself.

Immaturity, is Grace’s debut EP and is comprised of five strong and emotional ballads that anyone can relate to. Their vulnerable, yet alluring vocals take listeners on Grace’s personal journey through the age of 19. Grace has already received praise for singles, “Make Me Sick,” and “I Wanna Be A Boy.” The pair of songs continue to cover empathetic experiences, from heartbreak to self discovery.

Watch the official music video for track three, “Makes Me Sick” below.

“Getting Used To,” closes out the EP and tears right at your heartstrings. Growing up and figuring out what direction your life will go in —its an ever changing topic everyone faces, no matter what tase of life you’re in.

“Music is the best and worst thing I could have ever done,” Grace insists. “For me, I would rather exhaust myself living the dream, then have to deal without it.”

Immaturity is available today, May 6, on all streaming platforms. View our previous coverage on Addison Grace here and here.

For more information on Addison Grace and his upcoming United States tour (August/Septmeber), view his website here.

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