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Allegra Miles: From The Voice to the Top of the Charts

Fans and viewers of The Voice on NBC may recognize the name Allegra Miles. Allegra was a semi-finalist on The Voice, Season 18, finishing in the top nine artists. Out of 40,000 who auditioned, Allegra made it onto the show with celebrity artist Nick Jonas as her coach.

Allegra gained widespread popularity through the show. The coaches called her performances “magical,” and said her unique sound was a “finale tone.” She made it to the semi-finals as the youngest artist in Season 18’s top-9 performers at just 17 years old.

“Allegra, your voice is magical….you find a way to thread that needle through a performance so effortlessly to where I’m just entranced.”

– Nick Jonas, NBC’s The Voice 2020

Her cover of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” that she performed on The Voice proved her ability to make cover songs her own by adding her own creative alternate melodies and personal touch. It almost sounded like a whole new song, the way Allegra was able to put her heart and soul into the lyrics at her age was incredible to hear.

“A human sunbeam… revamped a Kings of Leon’s hit with an eyebrow-raising depth and vocal richness that belied her age.”

– Charlie Mason, TV Line, March 2020

Watch Allegra’s performance of “Use Somebody” on The Voice here:

After competing on the show, Allegra got back to writing original music. On October 23, her single titled “Eyes” was released. The song draws elements from jazz, R&B, and singer/songwriter styles. Her clean runs scattered throughout the song show off her depth and authenticity. The single allows the audience to feel and become enthralled by Allegra’s soulful vocals and seductive lyrics that speak volumes about young love and captivation.

“Eyes” is a young love story, told through Allegra’s use of smooth runs and soft vocal quality. The first look is all it takes, according to Allegra as she sings, “Baby you got me, first time that you hit me with your gaze. You know that I’m gone, know that I’m gone cause you got me, constantly you got me stuck in this…” Allegra’s soft tone walks the listener through the story of a love at first glance encounter in her life.

Allegra Miles continues to find ways to continue performing live during the COVID-19 pandemic. Florida residents can find her upcoming local performances on her website

Be sure to connect with Allegra on social media to keep up with her upcoming releases and performances!

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