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An Interview With Rising Alt-Pop Artist Charlotte Sands

Massachusetts born artist Charlotte Sands has been making great strides in the alternative scene through capturing audiences attention with her relatable lyrics and catchy yet distinctive sound. She recently released her highly anticipated album called Love and Other Lies featuring some of her most popular hits including “Dress,” which has over 19 million streams. Fans will be able to hear these songs live on the ‘Life on Mars Tour’ starting January 26 where Charlotte will be joining Yungblud and Palaye Royale on stage all across North America. I had a chance to speak to Charlotte before she left for tour and this is what she had to say:

Photo by Nickalaus Stafford

What bands / artists did you grow up listening to and how have they inspired your music?

The first person who inspired me to write songs was Bonnie Raitt. Her songs are so simple yet somehow translate emotions you didn’t even know you felt which is such an incredible skill. I’m also inspired by artists like P!nk, Alanis Morissette, and Yungblud for their ability to be vulnerable and honest yet unapologetically themselves. The way they’re all able to be human and admit their faults while using it as motivation is forever inspiring to me.

How are you feeling about going on tour with Yungblud and Palaye Royale? What are you most looking forward to?

I couldn’t be more excited! I am such a fan of their music and I feel really grateful for the opportunity. I’m really looking forward to being able to watch their sets every night and also be able to be on stage so many nights in a row, I’ve been waiting so long to be able to do this.

You just released your music video for “Keep Me Up All Night” earlier this month. What stood out to you in the filming process of it? Was it hard to be in such a vulnerable state of mind while shooting?

Filming the video was really difficult because there was no crew, and we had to do everything with just two people. The biggest challenges were definitely the environments we were shooting in, and the logistical challenges we faced, but the actual performing felt the easiest and most natural.

Which one of your songs is the most meaningful to you at the moment and why?

At the moment I would have to pick “Love and Other Lies” because I wrote it with two of my best friends (Danen Reed & Aaron Gillespie). Writing it was a really wonderful and therapeutic experience. It also starts with a voicemail from my mom, which makes it even more special.

How have social media platforms such as TikTok impacted your career? Has it made it easier to connect with fans?

Social media has impacted my career massively. It allows you to reach audiences that would normally take years of touring or massive budgets. Social media makes it so much easier to connect with fans, and it provides so many more opportunities to reach new people, which I really love.

Your music can be seen all over Spotify’s playlists such as ‘The New Alt’ and ‘Salt’. If you were to make a playlist with your music what would you title it?

“It’s not tequila but it helps” hahah for all the moments you feel like crying, screaming, or any feeling in between.

What is your process like when writing and recording music?

Usually when writing a song I like to start with a track idea so we can figure out the energy of the room and what our goal is vibe-wise. I always think about the live show when writing, and which song in the set we want it to be, and how to make it translate for a live audience. I usually sing random words and melodies until something feels / sounds right, and it also lets my brain subconsciously vent which leads to more honest lyrics. My favorite collaborator is Danen Reed who co-wrote and produced the majority of the songs on the EP. He’s phenomenal and the reason all these songs exist the way that they do.

Photo by Nickalaus Stafford

Do you have any funny concert or music video stories?

When we were shooting the video for “Keep Me Up All Night”, we had to actually blow up an air mattress in every location and it was so humiliating for me. I am so awkward, and I always feel like I’m going to get in trouble for something, so blowing up an air mattress and carrying it through a national park was actually terrifying, but now I find it hilarious.

Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Yungblud, Post Malone, and so many others, especially the queen Doja Cat. I would die to do a pop/rock collab with her.

What advice do you have for young artists entering the industry?

My number one piece of advice for all artists and everyone overall is to surround yourself with people who make you feel valid and have a similar vision as you. Finding good people to grow with should be the ultimate goal. I am where I am because of the people around me and without them I wouldn’t feel as proud of this project or as understood and seen in every aspect of my life.

Any news or events you would like to share with our readers?

I have a new EP out called “Love and Other Lies”, and a single with The Maine and Taking Back Sunday coming out on January 26th called “Loved You A Little”! Plus lots of other things up my sleeve for this year – I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Thank you so much Charlotte for chatting with us! You can find her music and social media below. If you haven’t yet, make sure to grab yourself a ticket to go see Charlotte live at one of these dates:

1/29 Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium

2/1 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte

2/2 Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore Silver Spring

2/4 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom

2/5 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues Cleveland

2/7 Toronto, ON – HISTORY

2/8 Montreal, QC – MTELUS

2/9 Boston, MA – House of Blues Boston

2/11 New York, NY – Terminal 5

2/14 Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore Philadelphia

2/15 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live!

2/16 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE (Indoors)

2/18 Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre

2/19 Columbus, OH – Express Live!

2/20 Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room at Old National Centre

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