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An Interview With Straight Edge Band Anklebiter 

Innovative yet familiar, Northeast straight-edge outfit Anklebiter recently released their EP To Live and Withstand via Sunday Drive Records, a blazing seven song release compiled of short bursts that pack a punch. 2022 saw the band’s explosive debut, a self-titled demo. With only a year in between these two collections of songs, it just goes to show the band’s dedication to the mastery of their craft, begging the question of when fans will be treated to the group’s highly anticipated full-length.

Anklebiter make their return to Flyover Fest this year with a set on Sunday, November 19, helping to close out the Tulsa-based festival. Ahead of their performance, we at For The Punks caught up with the members to discuss the band’s beginnings, their inspiration for the EP, and their excitement for Flyover Fest.

Photo by @kaylaguilliams

How did you get started with music? Is it something you’ve always had an interest in?

Evan: I found Green Day and it was over for me. No turning back once you’ve heard “Brain Stew.”


How did Anklebiter come about?

Logan: Rachael and I had talked about starting a band and she tweeted about it. Evan said he wanted in and wrote the whole demo in a day, and told Nick he had to be in the band, or else

Evan: Rachael tweeted something, asking if anyone wanted to do a band with her and Logan. I said, “Yeah,” and they thought I was joking. A month later she tweeted it again. I said “Hey, I’m still down.” They still thought I was joking, so I wrote the demo that day and sent it to them.

Nick: Evan asked me to join, not thinking I would actually commit to another band and now the jokes on him.

This year saw your second release “To Live and Withstand,” a solid release that is indicative of a band that’s maturing and found their footing, though your demos are amazing as well! What was the inspiration for this album? Both lyrically and musically?

Evan: All the inspiration goes to early 2000’s Lockin’ Out bands like Righteous Jams, Mental, Rampage, Stop and Think, etc.

Nick: We wanted to step everything up from the demo. We really took our time and deliberated on everything from song structure, to flow of the record, to the art, and all the things in between. All the inspo goes to the almighty LOC though.

Y’all played Flyover Fest (formerly Act Like You Know) last year. What are you most excited for about this year’s festival?

Logan: I’m stoked to see all of our friends play, because our day is absolutely awesome. There’s a few bands I haven’t seen yet too that I’ve been really stoked on since we first found out the lineup.

Nick: I’m most excited to hang and mosh to all our friends’ bands. We lucked out being on the same day as a lot of homies from across the country again.

Watch Anklebiter perform at the festival last year:

What bands are you hoping to catch?

Logan: There’s so many friends on here that I’m stoked on, but in terms of bands I haven’t seen yet, World I Hate and Pain of Truth are up there.

Evan: I’m excited to see Sign Language and World I Hate.

Nick: World I Hate put out one of the best records of the year. There’s mandatory attendance on the dance floor.

In fact, Will Hirst of Restraining Order who helped record some of your music is also playing Flyover. Are you excited to reunite at the festival?

Logan: Super stoked. Restraining Order record is one of my AOTY contenders.

Evan: Any chance to see Restraining Order is a privilege in my book. None of them would admit it, but that’s one of the best bands of this generation.

Nick: Will’s got one of the best right hands in the game when it comes to playing fast, so when I’m not slamming, I’ll be putting respect on his drumming. Restraining Order is always a privilege to see.

What’s next for you? Anything you can tease?

Evan: Breaking up.

Nick: New music if some other band decides to write their side of the split…

Check out the band’s Discography on Bandcamp here & below. They’ll be playing a few shows leading up to the fest in Roanoke, Louisville, and St. Louis. View the flyer below!

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