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15 Must Listen Artists of Summer 2021

Your favorite members of the For The Punks took the time to compile a list of 14 musicians and bands that you should be listening to this summer! With pop-punk, R&B, pop, and more filling our list, we hope you will take the chance to discover your next favorite artist!

The Knee-Hi's

Recommended songs: “Action!” and “Darlin’ darlin'”

The Knee-Hi’s a new band from Chicago inspired by the rock of the 60s and 70s. Their look is so cool and they’re an all girl band (which is super cool). Their tracks “Action!” and “Darlin’ darlin'” and are super catchy and great for the summer months.

The Knee-Hi's

Magnolia Park

Recommended songs: “Sick of It All” and “Tonight”

Magnolia Park is a five piece pop-punk alternative rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band blends elements of hip hop, pop-punk and emo rock to create a unique and captivating sound. Their EP Dream Eater, which includes a track featuring Kellin Quinn, is one of our favorite EPs of 2021.

Magnolia Park

Trash Boat

Recommended songs: “Don’t You Feel Amazing?”

Dan says, “Trash Boat’s new music seems to be re-inventing themselves from pop-punk, to a much more mature rock and 90’s grunge style. This song specifically is super catchy, and a cool vibe if you enjoy 90’s-esque music.”

Trash Boat

Olivia Rodrigo

Recommended songs: “brutal” and “good 4 u”

If you haven’t listened to Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour, we 100% recommend doing so. It’s filled with upbeat pop and pop-punk tracks to either scream or cry along to (or both). Read Olivia Marie’s complete review about the debut album here.

Olivia Rodrigo

Easy Life

Recommended songs: “Ocean View” and “Skeletons”

Easy Life’s debut album Life’s A Beach is the perfect album for summer! The members of Easy Life live in a city where it rains a lot. This album is an escape for those who want to take a trip to the beach. Read Karalyn Hope’s complete review about this album here.

Easy Life


Recommended songs: “Just Say It” and “Happy”

Not only are Goalkeeper’s lyrics and music catchy and bring that old school pop-punk sound with a mix of modern pop-punk, they are the most genuine humans who care about their fans and the music. In 2020, they released an EP titled Life In Slow Motion, a must listen collection of songs this summer.


In The Mourning

Recommended songs: “At What Cost”

In the Mourning is Amanda Tran’s youngest brainchild that marries her introspective emo girl lyricism with the nostalgic sensibilities of early Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato, and a sprinkle of Paramore’s spice on top. In the Mourning brings a fresh perspective to your most cathartic feels. Their debut single “At What Cost” enlists the masterful production minds of Hansel Romero (Pinkshift, nightlife) and Velvet Year.

Amanda Tran of In The Mourning by Sanae Kato

We Are The Union

Recommended songs: “Morbid Obsessions” and “Boys Will Be Girls”

It’s hot ska summer! Drawing heavily on ska, pop, & punk, We Are The Union’s 2021 full length album, Ordinary Life, balances soul crushing lyrics about dysphoria & heartbreak with endless hooks & furiously catchy choruses. Our owner Karalyn says Ordinary Life is one of her favorite albums of the year.

We Are The Union by Rae Mystic


Recommended song: “Strawberries” and “Sad Looks Pretty On Me”

In March of 2021, dark-pop powerhouse Rivals released their latest full-length record Sad Looks Pretty On Me. Not only does the title track stand out to us as a summer must listen, the single “Strawberries” has an upbeat and happy feeling while still discussing serious topics. Lead singer Kaile Wolf says, “To our favorite lyric in that song ‘Happy is temporary but I can’t look back,’ keep moving forward and don’t look back!”

Rivals by Matt Bender


Recommended song: “Fumes”, “The Ripple”, “Endless Summer”

Grizfolk has a southwestern rock vibe infused with folk and indie — they’re a great soundtrack for a chill summer, filled with travel and having great people around.



Recommended songs: “Shimmer” and “Soundtrack”

Shana says, “After the year we’ve all had when I found this band things were just starting to feel normal again. Their music brought this light back into my mind on why I love this genre and continue to listen to this type of music for almost two decades.”



Recommended songs: “Mama Saturn’s Galactica”, “Won’t”, “Nothing Without You”

Tanerélle’s music is ethereal, with her deep, rich voice and flowing rhythm. Add her lyrics, focused around her own otherworldliness, and you’re transported to another planet, where you really feel something.

Tanerélle by Ally Green


Recommended songs: “Perfume (feat. Awsten Knight)”, “Walking to Work”, “Stains”

DE’WAYNE is an artist to watch out for! His music is fun, full of life, and he’s constantly evolving as an artist and performer. Be sure to stream his album “STAINS,” which was released on June 18, 2021.


The Linda Lindas

Recommended songs: “No Clue” and “Claudia Kishi”

Karalyn says, “After discovering The Linda Lindas from the Netflix original movie Moxie (Amy Poehler), I instantly fell in love with their style, inspiration, and skill at such a young age. Just after Moxie, the group signed to Epitaph Records, had a viral performance from the LA Public Library, and has performed on night shows like Jimmy Kimmel’s. They are 100% the band you should add to your rotation this summer.”

The Linda Lindas by Zen Sakizawa

We made a Spotify playlist with these artists! It’s the perfect listen. Stream it down below!

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