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Boston Hosts Last Night Of Grayscale And Guardin Co-Headling Tour

Unfortunately, all tours must come to an end. However, the last night is always extremely special for both the fans and the artists. Big Night Live in Boston was the last stop for Grayscale and guardin’s co-headlining Summer Dream Tour. Fans traveled from all across the country to see these four acts perform together one last time and they were not disappointed.

The Ivy started off the night with some very catchy indie pop jams. Bearings played next and got the entire crowd moving. Mosh pits formed and crowd surfers made their way to the stage during every single song. Guardin continued the night with an energetic set of his most popular hits. This tour did a great job of including multiple genres of music and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed every act they saw.

To end the evening, Grayscale put on an incredible headlining set that perfectly encompasses their discography and journey as a band. Songs from every album and era were represented and fans did not miss their opportunity to dance and surf their way to the front. Members of the opening bands even made their way into the crowd to enjoy the last night of such an amazing performance. Although The Summer Dream may be over, these artists are anything but finished. Stay up to date on Grayscale’s newest live dates here.

The Ivy




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