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Boundaries Plays Sold Out Show At The Meadows In Brooklyn, NY 

Boundaries sold out The Meadows in Brooklyn, New York on June 5 on their nearly completely sold out tour!

Opening the night was a new favorite of mine, No Cure from Birmingham, Alabama. They started out the night with a crazy energy and that energy didn’t die down with the next band, Kaonashi. The crowd ate up everything they played and you could tell each member on stage was having a great time!

The energy stayed high with Orthodox, the next band of the night. In all the shows I have been to at The Meadows, I have never seen the entire venue crowd split down the middle for a pit, stage to soundboard cleared out, and with a solid feature by No Cure’s vocalist Blaythe. Finishing the night strong with Boundaries, the sound and lighting they had were incredible. The crowd was digging their set and everyone really looked to just be having the best time! Overall, an electric night and great performances from all of the bands.

No Cure




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