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Bring Me The Horizon Performs In Atlanta, Georgia With Guests

On September 27 in Atlanta, Georgia, I saw one of the craziest tours of the year including Siickbrain, Grandson, Knocked Loose, and Bring Me The Horizon.

To start the night off was a newer artist by the name Siickbrain. I haven’t heard too much about her before this show but she was incredible. She has a very new and fresh take on the rock genre. Lots of 808s and tracks with a live band and it fit very well on this tour.

Next up was Grandson. I’ve last saw him before a few years ago before he really took off. This was a complete different experience, proving his growth in the music industry. Grandson and his band had so much energy and charisma that it truly affected the whole crowd. There was lots of jumping, moshing, and screaming. I was honestly a little nervous to see how he would fit on this bill but his set was truly one of the highlights of the night.

Following Grandson’s performance was the band Knocked Loose. They came out swinging. There is so much energy and life that goes into their music. Even if you’re not a fan of heavier hardcore and metalcore music, there is something about Knocked Loose that almost everyone can enjoy. They put on such an amazing show and basically sound flawless.

To end the night was Bring Me The Horizon. This was my very first time seeing them and it easily jumped to one of my favorite shows ever. Of course they sounded perfect but they have such good crowd interaction. They make you feel so connected the whole time with the participation and their talking segments. To end their set at every show, Oliver Sykes (lead vocalist) goes into the crowd for group hugs and face to face singing their hit song, “Drown.”

To top it all off, their production is on another level. Truly nothing like it. LED screens all over the place synced up with every song, every moment with something different. You’ll never catch me missing another Bring Me The Horizon show.



Knocked Loose

Bring Me The Horizon

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