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The Start of a New Era: Broadside’s New Single “Cruel”

Developing a pop-based sound is becoming a rite of passage for bands in the pop-punk scene, and after seeing the results, this transition is welcome with open arms. After 8 years of the same sound, Broadside has decided to begin a new era in 2023, beginning withCruel (ft. Brain Butcher of The Home Team)”, released March 15th. Their sound has become more pop-leaning, but their heavy lyrics are similar to their last album. 

Cover art for Broadside's new single "Cruel"

This single beautifully bridges the gap between their last album Into the Raging Sea (2020) and their future project. Because of this new era, Broadside did what every good band should do: experiment with their sound. To do this, they added a synth that carries the tune throughout various parts of the song, most notably at the introduction. Using the synth immediately brought attention to the genre shift. Even though it is used often, it switches off with the guitar to continue the tune. 

“Cruel” is reminiscent of their past discography, with the lyrics being honest about the struggles that a person faces. This song is about facing your fears when it feels like the world is out to get you. My favorite part of any song is the bridge, just before the last chorus, and the lyrics for this are: 

Teach me how to love / Teach me how to love myself / Teach me how to love / Teach me how to not destroy myself 

I am very excited to see how Broadside continues to expand their sound and to see how the audience reacts to “Cruel” if they (hopefully) play it on tour! From March 25th to April 28th, they are supporting The Home Team on their first headlining tour with Honey Revenge. They will be going across the continental United States with two shows in Canada. As of February 18th, multiple dates are already sold out, and some venues got upgraded due to demand! Check out the new single and tour dates below!

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