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CalicoLoco’s New Single Is The Ultimate Listen For Indie Pop Fans

CalicoLoco is a Chicago based five member band that debuts glitzy, dreamy indie-pop. With original music and song writings, the band plans to continue to release singles up until summer of 2021, when they will release their first album. I came across their music when scrolling on TikTok one late night and immediately liked their energy. Their new track “Alone Again” dropped on January 22 and it’s a must listen for any indie pop fans!

In my first listen of their new track, “Alone Again,” I was immediately struck with a good feeling, as their music had depth that I can best describe as how it feels to listen to a record player: a warm, surrounding sound. I quite enjoyed how the song fades in and out in the beginning and how the vocals are slightly distant, it made the song really enjoyable to listen to while driving or doing work. The singer, Danny’s, voice I liked the nostalgic vibes of the music so much that for the first listen, I didn’t even pay attention to what the lyrics said, instead I just sat and enjoyed as their music washed over me.

When I did study the lyrics, they personally reminded me of the one in “Mommy’s Fwiend” by Penelope Scott, similar to their themes of toxic masculinity and how absolutely relatable they are. CalicoLoco’s description of the song is “You ever been on a date with a dude and the dude tries to explain to you that Pinkerton is the best Weezer album? The song is about that dude.”

Listen to the official audio here:

Most people have come across a person like the song that describes someone who just is insistent that they are a better, cooler, and more well developed person than you are. Yet this person finds themself alone, complaining into the abyss that found you.

The lyrics “If you’re really such a delight, why are you alone tonight?” reflects the overall theme of the song. I enjoy how the lyrics are straightforward and sort of contradictory to the soft indie beats.

“Alone Again” is officially streaming now, and if you’re looking for a new tune to jam to, especially if you know the type of person described above, I wholeheartedly recommend it! Connect and listen to CalicoLoco below:

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