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Camp Trash Release Debut Album “The Long Way, The Slow Way”

This summer, we’re going to Camp Trash and probably not coming back.

Hear me out — its a different kind of summer camp; one where summer never ends and we listen to your new favorite emo pop punk band and attempt to pick a favorite song (which is near impossible because extreme ‘fomo’ sets in as soon as you skip to the next track).

The Long Way, The Slow Way, is Camp Trash’s debut full length release, out on the impressive indie small label, Count Your Lucky Stars Records. Count Your Lucky Stars Records has been putting out some incredible music, with even more talented artists. Camp Trash is yet another added to the growing resume. This release is the much anticipated follow up to their 2021 EP, Downtiming.

The four piece group hails from Florida and even pay ode to this testament with their track, “Weird Florida,” which brings light to the ever familiar idea of summertime sadness. The song is especially relatable if you’ve had a summer breakup or heartbreak, but according to these fellas, even acid can’t resolve the summer blues.

Throughout the 12 song journey, the vibes shift from up beat pop punk, paired with quick chords and an array of high tempo melodies, to a drowsy and more steady paced speed, with a dreamy undertone.

The Long Way, The Slow Way, is available on all streaming platforms now. Don’t miss out on this must listen to summer masterpiece; embrace the emo feels and allow yourself to ride the wave.

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