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Celebrating 13 Years Of Hangout Festival: 13 Artists Performing This Year To Listen To

Hangout Fest is returning to Gulf Shores, Alabama for its 13th year on May 17 to 19, 2024. The headliners this year are Zach Bryan, Lana Del Rey, and Odesza. The festival also features so many other incredible artists. Here are 13 artists I think you should check out before you hit the beach for Hangout’s 13th year.

1. Reneé Rapp

Song recommendation: “In The Kitchen”

You may know her from her role as Regina George in Mean Girls (2024), her SNL appearance, or her videos taking over your FYP. But if you’re not already listening to Reneé Rapp you should. She will be hanging out on the Main Stage on Sunday, and listening to “In The Kitchen” is a great way to start preparing.

2. Jessie Murph

Song recommendation: “Heartbroken”

Have you ever had your heart broken? Listen to “Heartbroken” by Jessie Murph to start gearing up for the Main Stage on Saturday. She is currently on her ‘In The Sticks’ tour before heading to the festival.

3. Chappell Roan

Song recommendation: “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl”

On tour with Olivia Rodrigo and previously Taylor Swift, Chappell Roan is changing the game for pop music. She is a queer artist expressing herself through music, and allowing others to have music to relate to. The Midwest Princess is starting her headline tour this month! Check out “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” and get ready for Saturday at the Main Stage.

4. David Kushner

Song recommendation: “Mr. Forgettable”

With a summer packed with festival performances, David Kushner is staying busy. You might have heard his songs “Miserable Man” or “Daylight,” I recommend checking out “Mr. Forgettable.” The Main Stage will definitely not be forgettable after all the performances on Friday!

5. Matt Maeson

Song recommendation: “Hallucinogenics”

Matt Maeson released a few singles last year and his most recent album Never Had To Leave in 2022. He’s currently on his ‘That’s My Cue Tour’ before playing at Hangout. His song “Hallucinogenics” is a good place to start before diving into his full discography (which I’m sure you’ll love). Stop by the Mermaid Stage on Friday to catch Matt!

6. Qveen Herby

Song recommendation: “Lucky”

If you’re not familiar with Qveen Herby yet you might be familiar with her previous project of Karmin. She is starting tour in May and her most recent album Housewife dropped last year. Check out her song “Lucky” from the album before heading to the Shoreline Stage on Saturday.

7. The Beaches

Song recommendation: “Edge of the Earth”

Canadian-rock band The Beaches will be rocking Hangout this year. This group of young queer women are creating their own space in the industry. Their song “Edge of the Earth” documents the experience of their keyboardist and guitarist Leandra falling in love with a girl for the first time. The Beaches will be on the Shoreline Stage on Saturday.

8. Dylan Gossett

Song recommendation: “Coal”

If you’re a fan of Noah Kahan, you should check out Dylan Gossett. He started posting covers of Noah’s songs which eventually got him noticed and the opportunity to open for Noah on tour in Australia in January. Aside from that, he is paving his way as a storytelling artist. His song “Coal” is the perfect example of this! Dylan will also be on the Shoreline Stage on Saturday.

9. Dexter and The Moonrocks

Song recommendation: “She Likes Girls”

Western Space Grunge band Dexter and The Moonrocks have become well known on TikTok. If you haven’t came across their music yet, now is your chance to give them listen! I had the pleasure of seeing them and taking their album cover for Live From Dexter’s Basement last year and have been listening to them ever since. Check out their song “She Likes Girls” and catch them at the Shoreline Stage on Sunday.

10. G Flip

Song recommendation: “The Worst Person Alive”

If you like Fletcher and Lauren Sanderson you’re sure to like G Flip. This Australian pop alt-rock artist released their second album DRUMMER and is going on their ‘Drummer Tour Continued’ this summer. Listen to “The Worst Person Alive” before catching their set at Mermaid Stage on Friday.

11. Knox

Song recommendation: “Not The 1975”

Knox dropped his debut album How To Lose A Girl in 7 Songs last year followed by his I’m So Good At Being Alone? EP. He’s currently on his ‘I’m So Good At Being Alone’ tour. If you like songs that “talk about chocolate” listen to “Not The 1975”. And get ready for the Main Stage on Saturday.

12 .The Stews

Song recommendation: “Hourglass”

Auburn University dropouts, The Stews, have now grown their band from a fun idea in college to an indie-rock sensation. Playing high energy shows that pull a packed crowd wherever they go. Their latest single “Hourglass” is out now. They will be rocking out at the Main Stage on Friday.

13. Brenn!

Song recommendation: “Rearview”

Do you like music that sounds like a summer road trip with your windows down? “Rearview” by Brenn! is perfect to add to your driving playlists. He will be heading out on tour later this month, and then you can catch him on the Shoreline Stage on Friday!

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