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Cheers to the Cosmoses of ZULU

Black powerviolence kingdom, Zulu, has just signed to Flatspot Records. For the first time on vinyl this summer, the hardcore-and-punk label released Zulu’s 2019 debut EP, Our Day Will Come, and their 2020 sequel, My People…Hold On.

I had the spectacular opportunity to meet Zulu’s vocalist and writer, Anaiah Lei. We discussed how the Los Angeles band developed their musical signature, his relationship to rage, and what kind of community he wishes to create. It was wonderful to celebrate both the transparent yellow and ultra-clear vinyl completely selling out, and the premiere of their brand new music video, ‘Straight From Da Tribe of Tha Moon’, on Afropunk.

Cheers to Savannah Imani Wade for obeying the paintbrush and surrendering to vibrance. Her canvases are abundant in character and charisma. She is an illustrious illustrator. Her dreams are vivid. Her imagination is valid.

Cheers to Christine Cadette for her captivating cadence. She is the pulse. Her percussive poetry is polished, precise, and priceless. She is a royal in her prime, pacing the time. In a storm, she is the lightning.

Cheers to Satchel Brown for his arpeggios, sforzandos, and accelerandos. He regulates the rush and romances the rhythm. His steel strings vibrate vigorously and victoriously. In a storm, he is the thunder. The Heavens say Louis Johnson is proud.

Cheers to Dez Yusuf for having a smile that reflects off the moon and the stars. His enthusiasm elevates the energy in every atmosphere. He is phenomenal, fantastic, and fortissimo on his fretboard. His auxiliary exhilarates Zeus. His potential panics Poseidon.

Cheers to Braxton Marcellous for being brilliant beyond belief. His momentum is magnetic and magnificent. His aura is astounding, astronomical, and angelic. His sonic shredding is suave, stellar, and stunning. The treble clef is his playground.

Cheers to Anaiah Lei for celebrating his humanity. His heartbeat will forever echo in the arena of art. His melodies and motivations are marvelous, meticulous, and meaningful. He values velocity, voltage, and volume in every verse. He rejects external expectations and excels in excellence. His ideas are genius, genuine, and genreless. His sound synchronizes serenity and staccato. The sun is in awe of his opulent orbit.

Cheers to the powerviolence community for being beautiful and refusing to confine your electricity. What an immaculate honor to join you.

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