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Cherry Glazerr Rocks the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Hours After Doing Acoustic Record Store Show

Last week Cherry Glazerr rolled through Portland, OR on the second stop of their tour. The band took us on a journey—from stripped-down vulnerability to raucous mosh pits.

A few hours before her show at Wonder Ballroom, in the cozy confines of Music Millennium, Clementine Creevy’s acoustic renditions of “I Don’t Want You Anymore” and “Big Bang” left us spellbound. Her voice, unfiltered and intimate, resonated in our hearts. It was a secret shared among friends—a moment frozen in time. As fans lined up for the post-performance signing, we clutched our vinyl records and CDs, eager to share our gratitude. Clem chatted with each person, her humility and warmth shining through. It was a moment of connection—an exchange of energy that transcended the music itself.

Later in the evening, just a few miles away, the energy exploded. As the band played their high-energy tunes, the crowd erupted into a frenzy of moshing. Bodies collided, adrenaline surged, and the floor vibrated with the collective energy of fans losing themselves in the music. It was a chaotic, cathartic celebration—a testament to the band’s ability to ignite passion and create unforgettable moments. The mosh pit swirled during “Daddi”, and we surrendered to the chaos. The encore, featuring “Teenage Girl” and a Nirvana cover, was a riotous celebration of rock ‘n’ roll, especially in the PNW.

So whether it’s an acoustic set or a full-blown concert, Cherry Glazerr knows how to leave an indelible mark. If you have a chance to see one of the tour stops, or have the opportunity to go to a record store signing she is doing in tandem with cities, you will not regret going and walk out totally blown away.

Cherry Glazerr

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