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Closure. Release New Album “I Don’t Mind”

“I’ll miss those bright pink skies, and nights when I went to bed not terrified. It’s gonna take some time to figure out how to function in this world.”

– from “I Don’t Mind” by Closure.

Battling on the edge of pop-punk and alternative rock, the new Closure. album, I Don’t Mind, leaves behind the emo-pop essence that the band previously had, and takes on a more culminated sound. With just eight tracks, and wrapping up just under thirty minutes, the album is short, but well done. I Don’t Mind is uncharted territory for the band, as their older tracks are math-rock mixed with emo, while their latest album adopts a more urbane sound.

I Don’t Mind doesn’t completely abandon their math-rock riffs and emo-pop style, it adds just a hint of that classic Closure. sound, but is emboldened by a refined spirit like we so often see throughout the pop punk and alt rock genres. Their songs are longer, stronger, and their song titles are more concise, discontinuing the use of long, humorous titles like “Top Ten Anime Betrayals” for simple and succinct titles like “Memories”.

The record shows a wider range from vocalist Collins, highlighting his unique tone. The album flows perfectly through the eight tracks, showcasing bits and pieces of the band’s signature style in each song. There seems to be recurring references to ‘a simpler time’, and going back to when life was easier. In such unprecedented times, this record really strikes a nerve; it can’t get much more relatable than that.

Watch Closure. perform 3 songs off of I Don’t Mind live at The Sound Garden Syracuse here:

There is a song for everyone on this record. Ranging from, Fragmented, an upbeat, catchy, full sounding track, to ending the record with the self titled track, I Don’t Mind, an acoustic styled track that adds the band in a little more than halfway through, the album is both clean and confident. For a band that formed with the intention of breaking up following the recording of an EP, after hearing this record, it’s clear that they have a long road ahead of them.

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