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Colony House and Little Image’s Concert in Orlando 

Colony House plunged into the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida for the sixth night of their Cannonballers Tour. 

Rising stars, Little Image, opened the show. After captivating the crowd with their energetic performance and a little bit of crowdsurfing, they undoubtedly ended their set with quite a few more fans. Be on the lookout for the band’s new album, Self-Titled, when it comes out in May. 

Photo by Miranda Jayne

Colony House set the stage for a beautiful production with ocean-colored curtains and a neon sign depicting the cover of their new LP, The Cannonballers, which was released this month. Their 21 song set contained multiple tracks from each of the band’s four albums and created some special memories for the audience. The band brought up a fan to play guitar for “2:20,” a once in a lifetime experience. Towards the end of the set, singer Caleb Chapman leapt off the stage and into the crowd to perform “Looking For Some Light,” ending the song with a thunderous singalong by the audience. 

Photo by Miranda Jayne

This massive tour is still in its early days, so be sure to grab a ticket for a city near you!

Little Image set

Colony House's set

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