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Colony House Performs At Iron Blossom Festival (& Exclusive Portraits)

Photos and words by Haley May and Hannah Daniel.

Before their set in Richmond, Virginia, at Iron Blossom Music Festival on August 26, we had the pleasure of meeting up with the guys of Colony House.

Backstage, we were met with the kindest welcome. Caleb, Will, Parke, and Scott made sure to keep things exciting and encouraged us to completely take over with our creative vision.

During the portrait session, the guys were cracking jokes and kept us laughing the entire time. They were down for all of our crazy ideas, and it was so nice to see how much fun they were having with us.

Their set was nothing short of magical. The energy in the crowd was amazing, these guys knew how to get their fans pumped. Caleb had incredible stage presence, jumping on the barricade and running through the crowd, igniting the joy in the surrounding fans.

“Trying to Survive” off their latest album, The Cannonballers, had the fans jumping and was a highlight of the set. There wasn’t a still body the entire time these guys were on stage. It’s safe to say they were one of our favorite sets of the festival.

Colony House will be headed out on a fall North American tour soon, kicking things off in Charleston, South Carolina, on September 7. You can find tickets here. It’s a tour you don’t want to miss.

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