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Daniel Caesar’s Superpowers World Tour in Boston

Daniel Caesar’s show in Boston was one of the last stops on the Superpowers Tour. His chill
R&B sound was supported by beautifully simplistic visuals, with the lighting being an overall
very moody, yet chill vibe. Although Caesar creates chill R&B music, this didn’t stop fans from having the energy to jump and scream his lyrics with passion. This passion was visible in Caesar as well. He was vulnerable with the crowd as he presented his work to five thousand fans.

The opener, Montell Fish, was a great fit to tour with Caesar. Fish presented his also chill
R&B music to fans, and was still able to get them moving as if they were at a rock show. Overall,
this show was a great place to just vibe, but also to scream powerful lyrics.

Montell Fish

Daniel Caesar

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