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Emma Ogier’s Talent Speaks Volumes As She Continues To Make Her Debut

As someone that is starting to take a liking to indie-pop music, I am glad that I have had the opportunity to write about a new and emerging artist in the genre. As new music continues to be released, new artists are found like diamonds in the rough, where they begin and can continue to shine bright. As for Emma Ogier and her talent, the 19 year-old up and coming indie-pop singer’s journey to the music industry has begun. Originally from Houston, Texas, where she came from a musical and creative family, she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where her music career is beginning to take off.

Photo by Reed Schick

What’s interesting about Ogier is that she has a unique storytelling throughout the releases of her songs. While combining indie-pop and country, she adds her own mix. There’s something about the way she takes some of the most vulnerable fears that most young people have or may not say out loud, including her own, and expresses them. In some way, Emma’s songs are like some sort of mystery that one needs to figure out, only for the listener to relate to the lyrics and for them to eventually become the mystery itself after the song is done.

Ogier made her debut with her song, “First Base,” which is a mix of country and indie-pop combined, with Ogier adding her own unique sound. From the song’s start, it somewhat resembles a bit of Joshua Bassett’s “Doppelgänger” but it’s build up from soft to a full blown band, resembles a bit of the second half of Olivia Rodrigo’s “vampire.” The build up of the song’s message is quite powerful, as she sings about the feelings of being misunderstood, and as it is sung as it is, “just a slap in the face” putting in so much effort for people who wouldn’t do the same.

“I wrote ‘First Base’ to help me better understand and cope with feelings associated with being misunderstood by individuals,” she adds. “This song is about sticking around for someone who wouldn’t stick around for you.”

Emma’s second song, “Consider Me A Winner” branches more towards an upbeat vibe while continuing to combine indie-pop and country, with her own spin. Ogier takes on how change is something that many people, even myself, tries to avoid, but we eventually embrace it once new friends and opportunities come into fruition. She describes how change is unavoidable, as it is a milestone that many people must go through, whether it is starting something new or simply starting over without the people you grew up with.

“’Consider Me a Winner’ is about fear, and uncontrollable change,” Emma explains. “This song is how I imagined the next semester might be without my best friend and former roommate after I found out she was leaving. In reality, it was far from lonely. Change is inevitable and we win by adapting and evolving.”

Continuously going above and beyond, Ogier released “Too Young For That” next, which is one song that will really hit home and resonated with me. I hope that it can deeply relate to most people, as she tells a story about reflecting and remembering a love that still has some effect as we move forward, still thinking about the memories.

“‘Too Young For That’ is about love that has been separated physically but still holds ties mentally,” she says.

As someone that has gone through this situation myself, I am honestly happy she wrote and basically summarized what I was basically feeling in that same situation and put it to song. For anyone that loves Taylor Swift, continuously screams the bridge of “All Too Well,” or that considers themselves to be in their “Red” era (I am one of those people), then I think this song definitely is for you.

Recently, Ogier released “Lying Lately,” impeccably captures a seemingly picture perfect relationship until compromises need to be made to make a relationship work.

On her TikTok account, Ogier states that “Lying Lately” was about “falling in love and everything being perfect until it’s not and feeling like you have to lie or compromise to please your person to try and mend things.”

Since the release of her songs, Ogier has accomplished so much since she made her debut, such as, going on tour supporting Michaela Slinger on her “This Can’t Last Forever” Tour and getting noticed by Maggie Rogers, who duetted Ogier on TikTok on a couple of occasions.

As she continues to excite her listeners, her talent will still continue to go unnoticed and her plans for releasing new music are in full swing. Along with her debut and the release of all four of her songs, Ogier’s music journey is just getting started. Throughout a series of posts to her TikTok, shows her performing samples of new songs that she will be releasing on a new EP. Though the release date is unknown, it is safe to say that new and big things are in the making for Emma Ogier, as she still has a lot left to say through her journey in the music industry.

For fans of Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Jacklando, I highly encourage you to go and check out Emma’s music.

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