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Emo-Rock Band Mallory Run Release Latest EP “Picture Perfect”

Hailing from Pennsylvania, emo band Mallory Run are proving just how talented they are with their brand new EP titled Picture Perfect. These guys have spent a lot of time touring around the U.S. doing what they love which sparks passion in their eyes and shows dedication to their art.

“Oh, Normalcy” is the lead track of the EP and vocalist Dan McClune shares, “It outlines the way I have been trying to look at things. There is so much beauty around that can often be left to the wayside as far as appreciation goes. Everyone is so caught up in so many different things, that sometimes the subtleties get forgotten. Life is so much more about how you react to the things that happen to you, and sometimes you have to realize that in order to really appreciate the full picture.”

Along with this, they have released music videos for their tracks “Oh, Normalcy” and “Picture Perfect”. These videos have gorgeous colour tones throughout and really fit well for each song.

The EP starts off with the titled track “Picture Perfect” which is a pure emo track through and through from the guitar chords to the hooks and the raw lyrics. Just from this song alone, you can tell that the EP is going to be solid and you can hear the talent that these guys bring to the table. “Scattered Pieces” is up next as the drum beats lead into a huge wave of guitars and bass that have a pop punk feel to it mixed with rougher tones. The vocals are also very strong in the track as they draw you in. Another great thing about this track is that it has huge Citizen vibes. You can hear a lot of influence from Citizen in this track.

Watch the music video for “Picture Perfect” here:

“Where I Belong” is a breath of fresh air as it starts off a lot slower in the intro and verse but then becomes fast and heavier in the chorus and packs a huge punch that feels like a hit to the face. After listening to the EP, this track is a definite highlight as it has so many great elements to it. We are then greeted with the lead track “Oh, Normalcy” which is another highlight track – you can tell why it’s the lead track because the vocals and lyrics are very strong and have such power. On top of that, the instruments are really good and have you hooked from the start. Lyrics that stood out to me in this track would be from the second verse and are, “There’s a hole in my heart, I’ll try not to fall apart, my outlook has all been changed, try to make sense of every day, oh, normalcy, set me free”.

Watch the official music video for “Oh, Normalcy” here:

The last track is titled “Constantly” and it might be the heaviest one. It has fast paced instruments, hard hitting drum beats, and the vocals are strong to the point of yelling out the lyrics which creates such a powerful and great song. “Constantly” it is certainly the perfect way to end this incredible EP.

Picture Perfect only has five songs on it and honestly, it’s not enough. This band clearly has a lot of talent and their songs have a lot of power and passion behind them. It’s an EP that you will have on repeat for months because it is really that good, from the hard drums to the raw vocals. You’re going to love it. I cannot wait to see what Mallory Run has planned for the future because I can see that they are going to go far.

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