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End It is Back and More Hateful than Ever; EP To Release On July 8

Photo by Kenny Savercool

“Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…” chants the attendees of the Hardcore Playa Haters’ Ball in the new music video for Baltimore-based hardcore band End It’s latest single “Hatekeeper.” Rather ironically, it’s impossible to hate “Hatekeeper.”

The video, released May 25 alongside the single, is a hardcore-infused homage to the iconic ‘Playa Haters’ Ball’ skit from Chappelle’s Show. The song serves as the first taste of their upcoming effort Unpleasant Living releasing with Flatspot Records on July 8.

“Hatekeeper” is a heart-pounding and forthright message to those who gatekeep hardcore; who think that they’re qualified to say what’s good, what’s bad, who’s allowed to like what, who’s allowed to be involved with the scene, and all the other annoying things that gatekeepers love to do. This message carries over into their entire EP, the themes of which are very nicely summed up with one phrase: Mind your business.

Watch the official “Hatekeeper” music video here:

Another bite of the band’s upcoming release came on June 15 in the form of a new single and accompanying video called “New Wage Slavery.” The song is a blood-pumping commentary on the ever-growing gap between the average person and the rich people who look down on them. The video is inspired by the punk music videos of old, complete with shots of skateboarding and motorcycles, clips of their city, and footage of their live performance and police. This one is worth checking out if you hate the 1%, which should be everyone.

Watch the official “New Wage Slavery” music video here:

The 90’s hardcore influence is prevalent on the upcoming release- many comparisons have been made to the likes of Leeway, Maximum Penalty, and Gut Instinct- with the actual production of the record being handled in recording by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and in mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Unpleasant Living is available for pre-order through Flatspot Records’ website, with their 2020 effort One Way Track and their 2017 self-titled EP being included on the CD and Vinyl editions of the album.

With the announcement of this upcoming album, the band has also announced several show dates coming soon, including performances at This is Hardcore and Act Like You Know, all of which will be listed below. Be sure to watch the music videos above, stream the songs on Spotify and Apple Music, buy the upcoming album physically, and do whatever else to show this band full support even if just to spite gatekeepers.

No one likes gatekeepers.

'Unpleasant Living' EP Artwork

Upcoming Shows:

7/9 @ This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, PA w/ Hatebreed, Madball

7/18 @ Union Stage in Washington D.C. w/ Fucked Up

11/18 – 11/20 @ Act Like You Know Vol. 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Connect with End It on Social Media:

Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music

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