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English Band Superlove Releases ‘follow:noise,’ Their Second Studio Album 

Superlove’s follow:noise is a 33 minute record full of plot twists and ups and downs in terms of sound.

In June, the English trio came back with their second studio album, bringing with them an interesting rhythmic structure. The mixture between music genres and vibes is more than evident in each song. The changes in tempos and beats are a constant feature throughout the album making it remarkable. However, it can also be a plot twist when listening to the tunes for the first time.

From song one, the tracks are perceived as hard rock thanks to the heavy guitars and dense drum beats, nevertheless, they don’t last long. The tunes have a change in mood so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with the vibes. Despite this, the band achieved a good rhythm and essence.

Oddly enough, the album per se sounds like Bring Me The Horizon’s last works and Waterparks electronic peculiarities. Mixing the traditional rock instruments with electronic additions make the songs energetic and unique. Tunes like “Something Good” “You” and “GO!” start off with a thunder of guitars, drums and loud vocals. They all blend well to the point of turning the chorus into a pop-punk melody and having slow and mysterious bridges. On the other hand, “Overdrive” and “Lifeline” begin sounding sweet and transition into roaring songs.

Watch the music video for their track “Overdrive” below.

The catchy choruses are common in all their songs, alongside the contrast between beats. Musically, it is hard to find a balance between rhythms, yet the vocals make everything easier to digest. As a matter of fact, the record can’t be considered and alternative one. The multiple elements in it make it hard to define, yet there’s an obvious shade of heavy metal and electronic. “Seasons” stands out for its constant rhythm and emotional closure. Being the last song of the album, the presence of acoustic guitars and birds chirping mark an end to the noisy record.

The album’s name is true to their sound. As mentioned before, at first the record gave off vibes of hard rock, heavy metal, electronic, and pop punk. Not alternative. Not indie. To this point, it is totally a noise-pop one. It’s a different choice of music and a really fun ride to dive in.

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