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EXCLUSIVE: GILT Debuts Haunting Reimagined EP ‘In Windows, Through Mirrors’

Post hardcore band GILT is back with a killer refined sound in their latest EP, In Windows, Through Mirrors. The three track EP is heavier in sound and message with the band opening up about the painful process of grief and growth. In Windows, Through Mirrors features reimagined versions of the opening and closing tracks from their 2020 debut album, Ignore What’s Missing.

GILT is Ash Stixx (vocals), Tyler Fieldhous (guitar, bass) and Tilley Komorny (guitar). This EP is the band’s first release since their lineup change featuring former drummer, Ash Stixx, on leading vocals. Produced by Nightlife’s Hansel Romero, The EP opens with “In Windows,” a reworked version of their song, “Ignore What’s Missing.” The opening track gives us a taste of GILT’s sonic evolution, introducing a heavier breakdown and an overall mature sound to the previous version. Stixx’s vocals bring a new perspective and unveils new emotions to the already poetic lyrics.

“‘In Windows (Ignore What’s Missing)’ is about misplaced priorities, pride, and standing in your own way,” says GILT of their new single. “The song was originally the title track of our debut album, but after bringing our former drummer Ash Stixx up front for vocals, we realized how powerful their take on it was and how much the song had changed.”

Following is the band’s newest release, “Long Time Coming”, a perfect bridge between “In Windows” and “Through Mirrors.” Stixx’s vocals in this track effortlessly translates emotions of desperation and hope. The drum and guitar build up throughout the song creates anticipation before a final wave of emotion takes over transitioning into another killer breakdown.

Stream the EP a day early via a YouTube playlist here:

In Windows, Through Mirrors closes with quite possibly the track with the most raw emotion, “Through Mirrors”, the reimagined version of their, “I Didn’t Want You As a Mirror.” The vocals on this track take a different style approach reminiscent of La Dispute and Hotel Books. The Lyrics, like the track’s closing line, “it’s still growth, if it’s growing apart” are hauntingly vulnerable and takes an honest approach to how painful growth can be.

GILT’s new sound direction makes, “In Windows, Through Mirrors” seriously addicting. Stream the EP via Spotify and Apple Music tomorrow November 11.

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