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Frank Turner Brings the Energy to Harrisburg, PA

Folk/punk icon Frank Turner headlined a killer show Tuesday night at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s XL Live. As my father, a lifelong musician, would say, this show was real live rock and roll.

Turner took the stage following Laura Jane Grace and Chuck Ragan in front of a packed house of raving fans, kicking his set off with the angrily optimistic anthem “Punches.” An incredibly personable and interactive performer, Turner addressed the crowd between songs concerning the two rules for his shows–”don’t be a d**k,” and always sing along if you know the words.

Turner and his band The Sleeping Souls displayed exceptional levels of commitment and energy. There are certain artists who have lost their passion for music over years of performing and are simply going through the motions; Frank Turner is the farthest thing from this characterization. He is a true believer in the power and community of rock and roll.

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