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French Pop Rock Trio OAKMAN Shares New Single “Night”

Dance anthems are not usually inspired by someone having a near death experience. French based trio, OAKMAN, has proved they can create something beautiful out of an almost tragedy, with their latest single “Night.”

“I had just lived the worst day of my life and almost died,” explains lead vocalist Marine. “I was in a very special mental state that day. Between the reality of losing everything and the people that you love, and the strong desire to just live and exist.” The single “Night” went on to be written that day, fresh off of the emotional trauma that the trio had just experienced together.

The serene, yet captivating vocals paired with the energetic guitar riffs and upbeat tempo of this track, work cohesively together to deliver an epic performance. OAKMAN has incredible chemistry and it shows through their music. “Night” is an electric dance anthem that will have you off your feet in seconds.

Watch the official music video for “Night” here:

“We spend our time complaining but when life can suddenly stop, that’s when we realize how much the smallest thing is worth,” Marine notes.

Often times people are in a rush — a constant state of thinking about the future and what’s to come next. It is this very mistake that stops us from living in the moment now, and being present with those we cherish around us. “Night” is more than just a song to dance to; it delivers an important message that everyone should take to heart.

Keep OAKMAN on your radar, as they are signed to Rude Records, and have quite a few shows lined up for 2022. Sounding like the love baby of The 1975 and Hayley Williams, it will be almost impossible to not immediately fall for them at first listen.

“Night” is available on all streaming platforms now.

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