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Get To Know The Sponsors: ALYK 2022 (Part One)

Act Like You Know kicked off on November 18, 2022, and is sure to electrify the Tulsa area with its stellar collection of hardcore and punk acts. With 100% of the proceeds of this benefit event going to the Oklahomans for Equality charity, we wanted to take a look at a few of the brands stepping up to sponsor this festival.

Bored Magazine

This self-described COVID-born publication aims to highlight the underground advancements in music, sports, technology, art, and fashion. Bored Magazine publishes work celebrating the new and creative feats in any market, most recently covering a Dallas-based metal fest as though the photographer writing the review was writing an in-depth journal entry, not meant to be seen by the public. Bored Magazine celebrates this personal tone from each of its contributors because (as their Instagram bio states) “every story is worth knowing.”

According to their About Page: “The celebration of the underdog, the taboo, the hard worker, the artist, the creative and those aren’t recognized takes place here. With the essence of true Southern hospitality, Bored Magazine is for the culture.”

Patient Zero Records

This Western Massachusetts based record label is responsible for putting bands like Combust, Crafter, and other rising stars of the eastern seaboard punk scene on the map. Patient Zero Records is openly supportive of the bands they sign, outwardly referring to them as part of the Patient Zero family on their social media channels. This label prides itself on maintaining a platform for the underground, and has every right to the praise they’ve received. Be sure to check out their official store to support their catalog of rising stars! You can check out their collection here.

Time Travelers Vintage Expo

The Time Travelers Vintage Expo is a traveling pop-up experience for all vintage collectors – be it clothing, decor, accessories, and anything else one could want! Formed in April 2022, its founders, Haley Asher and Sarah Frick, created this space out of a shared passion for everything vintage and a desire to cultivate a network of fellow artists and collectors.

According to their website, “We strive to create an inclusive space for like-minded individuals with a focus on community, sustainability, and an appreciation for preserving history. By attending Time Travelers Vintage Expo you are directly supporting small, local businesses.”

Beginning in 2023, this expo will put their traveling endeavors on a hold and will focus on presenting a single, massive expo each year. To get more information on their upcoming holiday event and the location of next year’s event, be sure to follow them on social media and keep up with their website here.

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