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Glass House Point Puts the Past to Rest in EP, “Verglas”

Change and uncertainty are an inevitable part of life. Through introspective lyrics complimented by dreamy vocals and an overall energetic sound, indie rock band Glass House Point tackles impermanence in their latest EP, Verglas.

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Glass House Point consists of members Dylan Graham (vocals/guitar), Dylan Methot (guitar), Ian Campbell (bass) and Jansen Valk (drums). Verglas marks the quartet’s most recent release since their 2017 sophomore EP, Midnight Appetite. The band describes their music as being motivated by introspection, surrealism and ephemerality and Verglas isn’t the exception.

Glass House Point by Amanda LaFerriere

Produced by Aaron Marsh of the band Copeland, the four track EP opens with the single, “All to Rest”, a track that channels the duality of change. The single’s opening lyrics present the idea of a situation coming to an end from a more optimistic straight to the point lens.

“Seems things are looking up”

The same track also amplifies the worries and doubts that are often tied to endings.

“I leave it all behind but still I wonder If i laid it all to rest to keep from running out”

Musically, Graham’s soothing vocals pair beautifully with the mellowed out guitar and drums consistent throughout the single. The details at the end of track, such as the sound of something shattering play well with the EP’s overall and well thought out theme of fragility and impermanence. The track ends with guitar and drum rhythm that eventually fades out into isolated synth beats, creating a seamless transition into the next track, “Glass Teeth”. Generating a completely different mood than the preceding song, the synth heavy track stands out the most from their past singles and EPs.

Listen to “All to Rest” here:

Glass House Point takes a different approach placing synth beats at the forefront of this track, one that works well with their existing sound. The synth build up and breakdowns combined with echoey vocals and scattered guitar riffs adds distortion and creates a textured futuristic sound.

“Figure Me Out” is the next track on the EP and is the most reminiscent of their older music with crisp vocals, punchy electric guitars and an energetic drum build up. The track serves as a happy midpoint between their established sound and the new twists the band successfully adds to the indie rock genre. The synth beats take a backseat and this track showcases the band’s natural talent. There’s an interesting breakdown toward the end of the track adding a slowed down R&B sound that highlights the genre bending that Glass House Point effortlessly incorporates into their music. Verglas closes with “Estuary” a slowed down 80’s reminiscent track that perfectly wraps up the EP.

Overall, Verglas is a solid EP, one that successfully highlights the band’s evolved sound and confidence as musicians. It’s clear the effort and energy the band has put into developing their sound and mark has paid off. I’m excited to see what else Glass House Point produces in the future. If you haven’t checked them out, Verglas is definitely a great place to start but their earlier releases are worth checking out as well.

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