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Glimmers Opens Up The ‘Ever Blossom’ Tour With This Wild Life In Atlanta, GA

On March 1, 2022 the ‘Ever Blossom’ tour with This Wild Life, Broadside, and The Home Team hit Atlanta, Georgia and I was lucky enough to cover it.

Starting off the show was local pop-rock band, Glimmers. Now before this show, I have not heard of them, but that changed as soon as their set was over. The energy that this band brings is something very rare in the punk scene. You could almost feel the love coming from the stage. All of the members seem very close and truly happy to just be with each other playing music. Not only that, but they sounded amazing. In this case, Glimmers felt like they were part of the tour. Truly such a good performance.

Following them up was The Home Team. They have been around since 2015 but released their first album in 2018 which caught some eyes, including mine. They have a very different sound compared to the rest of their genre. It’s like funk and punk rock fused together and it’s amazing. The sound really advanced after their latest release this year, Slow Bloom, which is easily their best work and one of my personal favorites for the year. Seeing them live was such a treat. Lots of energy and lots of smiles.

Next up we have Broadside, who just absolutely kill it every time. I caught them back when Warped Tour was still around and they were one of those bands you just remembered and went home and obsessed over. Their crowd was so energetic and hyped to see them. So many pits and crowd surfers broke out of nowhere. Such a great band and performance.

Last but not least we have “The Emo Mumford and Sons,” This Wild Life. Their words, not mine, just to be clear.

I have listened to This Wild Life since they were a pop-punk band and put out their albums Heart Flip and Pop Shove It. Since then, they have changed quite a bit. Getting rid of a couple of members and breaking it down to just two guys playing acoustic guitars with beautiful vocals. They have amped up their sound by doing more instrumentally and vocally while still keeping that “pretty” sound. And seeing it live makes it so much better.

All the production and effort that goes into their show is seen. Starting from the band writing and producing their latest album independently to Kevin, guy with the beard, designing the stage and creating the light show and props. They even brought their own disco ball to single out a couple to slow dance during one of their ballads. Definitely a memorable show.

Unfortunately the tour has ended but you can keep up with all the bands on their socials for upcoming shows and releases.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out on This Wild Life’s Twitch. They always do fun and interactive things for their community during streams.

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