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HEAVYHEX Inspires Heavy Thought With Single “You Can’t Stay Here”

A message like 10 Years; the heaviness of Rage Against the Machine, mixed with the smooth cleans of Real Friends. I definitely enjoy the newest track from HEAVYHEX and the message they have peaking through.

HEAVYHEX released “You Can’t Stay Here,” the post-hardcore track back on January 26 via Bridge Nine Records; it contains a heart pounding drumbeat and searing vocals to share their thoughts on a social justice issue taking over their home town of New York.

Photo by Cody Ganzer

Vocalist David Gastiaburo explains that this track is a reaction to city officials’ ill seated attempt to “force the homeless into shelters, but it failed.” He goes on to say, “These are people too, just like us, trying to get by.”

Established in 2021, HEAVYHEX’s unfiltered style and blistering intensity has swept post-hardcore and post-punk fans off their feet in the best way. They’ll be releasing their debut album via Bridge Nine Records (who has produced bands like Agnostic Front and New Found Glory) later in the spring.

The song itself is indicative of the band’s dedication to spreading the gospel of respecting those that may not look or live like you. It begins with a single guitar riff from Jeremy Gardiner and Daniel Lukach, followed by vocals from David Gastiaburoand bass from Cody Hermann. The choppy lyrics have that hardcore bite, but softened it down to make it a bit more digestible than hardcore bands of the late 80s and early 90s. The clean singing is refreshing and provides reprieve from the heavier, guttural-leaning intro provided at the start of the song.

“You’ve silence them for so long / They live without a voice / Society without humanity / It’s so easy to look the other way / The relentless of poverty.”

Growing up from a very sensitive and lacking environment myself, I can relate to being ‘silenced’. When people don’t want to feel guilty about something, or the thought of that particular subject is too complicated for them, they ignore it. Worldly concerns such as poverty and abuse tend to slip away from those who ate virtually unaffected by it. But this does not mean those problems simply don’t exist.

HEAVYHEX is challenging you, me and everyone else to do better, think of the other guy a little more. And with their music, we hope to see a bigger impact on the fight to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness than ever before.

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