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Hot Mulligan’s ‘Why Would I Watch’ Tour Hits Minneapolis

Midwest emo band, Hot Mulligan, graced Minneapolis on December 14th with a stop on their Why Would I Watch Tour. The band has exploded over the last year, requiring venue upgrades in nearly every city across the country. Bands Ben Quad, Spanish Love Songs, and Heart Attack Man accompanied them on their run, each bringing their unique take on the emo genre.

Unfortunately, I did not make it in time to catch Ben Quad and Spanish Love Songs, however, based on the high energy of the crowd when I finally made it inside, they got the crowd ready to mosh. Heart Attack Man was no different. The Ohio-based band rounded out the Midwest representation on the lineup and delivered a spectacular set filled with crowd surfing, circle pits, and a classic emo/punk sound. 

By the time Heart Attack Man was off the stage, the crowd was more than ready for Hot Mulligan to begin their set. I was incredibly excited to see the band after they were recommended to me by one of my close friends several years ago, and they exceeded my expectations. The setlist for the evening was perfectly curated, mixing their most popular songs like “Equip Sunglasses” with a full run-through of their Why Would I Watch album that was released earlier this year. The energy they brought to the stage was unmatched, and I will definitely be making a point to see them again. 

Hot Mulligan’s Why Would I Watch tour is over just in time for the holidays, however, fear not, because they will be back for a full round of dates in the spring, some solo, some alongside the infamous Fall Out Boy. You can find more information regarding their spring run here. Don’t miss them!

Heart Attack Man

Hot Mulligan

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