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How Little Luna Found Inspiration Through ’60s and ‘70s Rock Stars For Her New Song “Lennon”

Little Luna is an LA-based indie artist. She has released multiple singles and her debut EP Through The Self over the last few years. She is starting her 2023 with her single, “Lennon” which was released on March 3.

The song was co-written by Sierra Deaton (who has helped on plenty of other LL tracks), Eric Palmquist, and Cameron Walker. Mixed by Jake Sinclair and the final master was done by Will Borza. She shared on Instagram the process behind writing this song, “This song is based on a poem I wrote when I was feeling uninspired. I took myself on a date to the Laurel Canyon Country Store and called upon the rockstars of the late 60s/early 70s who came before me. The poem that unfolded is now this song. It’s a combination of their message and mine: what would happen if we humans would coexist, in peace, with one another? I genuinely believe in a future where that is a reality.” The poem that was created after this conjuring goes as follows:

“Pressed against the terra-cotta at the canyon cafe

I conjure ghosts before me

I question those who paved the way

so sing to me, Lennon

let the band play

if I cannot be with you

I’ll take your voice to guide my way”

She stated it was her reminder to “believe that coexisting is possible. To hope for a timeline where we experience world peace with each other.” Little Luna creates music that is based on being your most genuine and honest self. Her other releases have helped her listeners in their healing journey, to help them appreciate themselves as human beings and how to appreciate others and the world around them more. “Lennon” only pushes this objective further. Among the many heartfelt and soul-touching lyrics that are layered throughout this song, one that stuck out was this one: “Memories and people tend to lie, but lately I’m the type that doesn’t mind.” Life is full of memories that are solely from our perspective and we can make them however we want. Why not make life as magical as possible? It’s of course good to have healthy boundaries to have the people and memories remain positive, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to remember your life the way YOU want to.

“Seasons change and love will end.” Accepting this statement as true is something that encourages people to accept that some things aren’t forever. We as humans are not forever. Being in the moment and enjoying it for what it is will help contribute to an appreciation for the present. We can draw inspiration, this song being a great example, from the past, while still moving towards our futures. People in our lives are not guaranteed to always be there, whether that’s through death, a relationship ending, or distance. Reveling in the moments you do have with the people in your life, and learning to apologize and forgive, all bring us closer to a larger community. The more love we can show towards ourselves and others will bring a level of peace that we’ve never experienced. It’s possible and as Little Luna states, she believes in this notion as well. Artists like her continuing to spread the message that so many before did, is encouraging a world full of compassion and respect.

Always be open to drawing inspiration from new places. Don’t forget to “conjure ghosts before me. Question those who paved the way.” You never know who might come in and inspire you!

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