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JoJo Performs At Cat’s Cradle In Carrboro, NC On March 19

On March 19 JoJo’s tour stopped at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina with Lindsey Lomis and Tanerélle as the openers.

Unfortunately, I missed Lindsey’s set. But from the crowd’s reaction when I got inside, she killed it.

Tanerélle took the stage and wowed the crowd. Her energy was so powerful and kept everyone’s attention. Her performance felt like an escape from reality as we were brought into her world. She played a variety of songs but a crowd favorite was “Mama Saturn”.

Once JoJo’s set began the crowd started jumping for joy. It was so special to see all of the fans come together to sing the songs that meant something to each of them. Her set was made up of throwbacks and newer songs that made everyone happy. I had seen JoJo three times before this show and this one felt the most special as we were all older and could appreciate growing up with these songs together. Hearing songs like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” brought the fans together. The songs I was most excited to hear were “Music.” and “Mad Love.” During “Music.” I was brought to tears and JoJo was too. When she spoke about the song it was a moment where everyone felt connected. Another special moment was when she covered “Love On The Brain” and the fans that came in not knowing each other were screaming the lyrics with each other as if they had been friends forever. Seeing JoJo’s happiness and the fans connecting, made this show one to remember forever.



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