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Joywave Performs In New Haven, CT With Elliot Lee And Dizzy

After spending most of the pandemic making music, Joywave was ready to spend time out on the road. To wrap up a tour cycle on their newest album, Joywave’s Express Wash Tour hit New Haven, Connecticut last week at Toad’s Place.

Elliot Lee and Dizzy were both amazing support acts who had really great stage presence and energy. From Joywave’s stage design to song choices, they put on a fantastic show for their fans. This included matching outfits and the back of a car with a personalized license plate on stage for all to see. The band played a bunch of songs from this new album as well as taking it all the way back to 2015 with “Traveling at the Speed of Light.” This tour will end the album cycle and lead to new music so now is a great opportunity to see them live. 

Elliot Lee



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