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JP Saxe’s ‘A Grey Area’ Tour Comes to Charlotte

JP Saxe brought his A Grey Area tour to The Underground in Charlotte, NC on February 28, 2024. JP’s A Grey Area album was released in September last year. And the A Grey Area (Live Sessions) was released in February of this year.
Justin Nozuka opened the show with his smooth and warm vocals. Starting his set with his song “444”, it caught the attention of everyone listening. I think everyone found a new favorite artist from the show! Check out more from Justin here
JP took the stage and the crowd couldn’t wait to hear these new songs. His setlist was the perfect mix of old and new, and he was constantly listening to what fans wanted to hear. Before playing “For Emilee” he asked the crowd if anyone was there with someone who’s not receiving the love they deserve. He talked about his friend Emilee and how he was angry at the other girl for the way she was treating Emilee, but also at Emilee for accepting it. He reminded everyone that they are worth so much more. Calling out a 9 year old in the front row, he mentioned he could tell her favorite song was “3 Minutes” by the way she screamed “f ‘em all!”. “All My Shit Is In My Car” was one of my favorite parts of the set. The energy was so high and it was so fun to hear everyone screaming along. The crowd was full of dedicated fans that you could tell all felt and related deeply to the music. And you could feel JP’s raw emotion while singing each song. Before “The Few Things” he talked about how he can still look back at that time positively and think about the love he was experiencing during that time. And of course he played the crowd favorite “If The World Was Ending” which is always so special to hear live. As JP shared on Instagram after the show “crying is my favorite clapping”- which definitely rings true at these shows. 
JP’s tour continues through April. Check out the dates here!

Justin Nozuka

JP Saxe

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