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Kat Cunning’s Artistic Journey and Their Upcoming Debut EP “Idol Hands”

Kat Cunning is a rising alternative pop artist who is getting ready to release their first EP titled Idol Hands. Cunning is a SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory graduate who’s love for music has blossomed from many art forms over their years. Cunning, who identifies as non-binary, has a hand in film, Broadway, and music. Some of their most known roles include Sabine from Trinkets, Christine Fuego in The Deuce, and the Broadway play Les Liaisons Dangereuses as Émilie.

Cunning explains that being part of the Purchase Conservatory taught them many lessons and inspired them to become who they are today. While Cunning’s study was within the dance conservatory, they tried to get into the acting and spoken word conservatory as well. Cunning says, “So I think that actually the singularity of my studies there really showed me that I have more to say and more to do. And I got exposure to people who are really really good at those things that inspire me a lot.”

Cunning says that their time at Purchase really made them learn who they truly are and to embrace it. While Cunning doesn’t view themselves as a role model, they are paving ways and pushing for inclusions for not only the queer community, but for everyone who is underrepresented. Cunning believes that the more inclusive you are with who you hire, the more people you can reach. “The more your team can represent the world, the more your art is going to represent the world.”

Cunning’s most recent music video for “Could Be Good” is a very raw look into their life. It showcases happy/special moments with Cunning’s partner throughout living in a very dark time in this pandemic. “I feel like what I really got to enjoy in the time of the pandemic was not having to put my energy out and getting to sort of like receive the world. So, a lot of that imagery is road trips, a lot of the imagery is nature from my hometown in Oregon, and just like peaceful candid moments with no makeup on. I know that that’s not like a crazy thing, but I never thought I’d put my second music video with a label out with like literally looking a mess honestly.”

Watch the official music video for “Could Be Good” here:

Cunning’s upcoming debut EP Idol Hands is set to release this summer on July 16.

“Since it’s my debut EP I wanted it to represent things that matter to me. One of my most consistent obsessions is really just iconography. I looked around my house the other day, it’s the first apartment I’ve lived in myself and decorated all by myself. And I was like the only things that I own are Jesus themed. I like neon prayer hands and like a hundred of the same weird Spanish Mary’s. Just like creepy shit everywhere that’s religious and sort of contemporary. I just know that’s going to be a theme throughout my career. So, Idol Hands is a shoutout to that religious aesthetic and also because some of these songs were written in the pandemic. I love the pun idol hands are the devil’s playthings, like this is what I did with my hands when they had nothing else to do.”

While waiting for the upcoming release, you can check out Cunning’s singles such as “Could be Good” and “Supernova (Tiger’s Blood)”. Their social media and Spotify are linked below!

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