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Kelsy Karter’s ‘Pink, Kink, & Punk’ Tour With Niki Demar And Animal Sun Visits Carrboro, NC On April 30

On April 30, Kelsy Karter’s ‘Pink, Kink, & Punk’ tour came to Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina.

The show started with the band Animal Sun. I hadn’t heard their music much before the show but they definitely earned themselves a fan. Their energy and sound paired with their super kind personalities is such a perfect mix. The band is planning a fall tour so be on the lookout for dates from them! More information on Animal Sun can be found here.

Niki Demar’s set was next and she absolutely killed it. I’ve been a fan of Niki since the beginning of her YouTube career. It was so inspiring to see her following her dreams as a musician and doing amazing at it. Even though the crowd seemed to be a blend of Niki and Kelsy’s fans, everyone was interested in Niki’s set. Her connection with the fans and genuine happiness on stage was so heartwarming. I also had the opportunity to take portraits of Niki outside the venue before the show which was such a fun experience. Niki was so easy to work with and made the whole time enjoyable. I’m hoping she will be on tour again soon!

Kelsy Karter finished out the show. As I’m sure most people have, I had heard Kelsy’s song “Harry” before but I hadn’t listened to any more of her music. To say she blew me away would be an understatement. She made sure fans had a safe space to express themselves and interacted with them throughout the set. She also told stories about her experiences and gave background to the songs she was about to sing. She put on an incredible set that kept you wanting to hear more. Kelsy’s tour is now continuing through the UK. More information can be found here.

Animal Sun

Niki Demar

Kelsy Karter

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