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Kim Petras’ Feed the Beast Tour Comes to Boston

Kim Petras certainly fed her fans with her stunning set at the Boston stop of her “Feed the Beast” tour. The show began with DJ Alex Chapman hyping everyone up for Petras, playing songs similar in genre that the crowd could not resist singing and dancing to.

As Petras took the stage, the dancers danced around a sort of metal vessel sitting atop a set of stairs, as red lights and fog filled the atmosphere. Moments later, Petras appeared out of the vessel, reeling us in with the title track of her new album, “Feed the Beast.” The show took fans on a journey throughout the show, consisting of numerous different vibes, outfit changes, and choreography. The beginning of the show consisted of dark, red, devilish themes, while the show became lighter and brighter towards the end.

You can tell how much Petras’ music hypes fans up. Fans showed up ready for the night
dressed in sparkly outfits, pink high heels, and anything else that really pops and shows the fun vibes of Petras’ music. The crowd was full of nonstop dancing with friends, screaming song lyrics at the barricade, and admiring each other’s outfits. It was definitely a fun night for everyone. 

Kim Petras

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