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Knocked Loose Team Up With Poppy On Raging Single ‘Suffocate’

Currently, Knocked Loose dominates the hardcore scene with their relentless energy. You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To, their latest album released on May 10, showcases their refusal to water down their sound for mainstream appeal. Instead, they cleverly incorporate pop elements to enhance their music, as seen in their latest single featuring Poppy called “Suffocate.” In fact, it was Poppy herself who reached out to frontman, Bryan Garris, to discuss a collaboration, commenting: “I am a huge fan of Knocked Loose and honored to be on this one.” Although Poppy has sparked mixed reactions within the hardcore scene, her performance on this track unquestionably showcases her prowess as a hardcore scream queen, demonstrating her undeniable vocal talent.

There is an explosive blast beat and chaotic fury in this track combined with an easy-going, syncopated groove with concussive reggaeton rhythms. In simple terms, it’s f*cking sick. It truly demonstrates Knocked Loose’s distinct sound, something that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Collaborating with Drew “WZRD BLD” Fulk, known for his production work on albums by Motionless In White and Disturbed, Drew recently shared his thoughts on Instagram. He commented, “This band and this album represent everything I love about heavy music.” I’m confident that this sentiment will strike a chord with other fans as they listen to Knocked Loose’s latest album on repeat for the next few weeks.

In collaboration with Poppy, Garris and Poppy go into uncharted territory, as Garris describes it, “someone stabbing you in the back.” “It was so fun because her voice allowed us to do some weird, off-the-wall things that we maybe wouldn’t do in another song,” guitarist Isaac Hale says of the track. This track is full of bludgeoning blast beats and chaotic fury that are matched with a dance-y, syncopated groove with the most concussive reggaeton rhythm you’ve ever heard.

Fans of Knocked Loose know the band doesn’t gloss over negative feelings, and this single proves it, as the lyrics show:

“Haunting pride (morals defied) / Are you conscious behind the knife? / Or is it just another disguise / Drink from me / Take it now, take it now / Everything that I have / Leaving nothing left.”

This song is filled with hints of betrayal, frustration, and desperation, through the implications of backstabbing, resentment, and feeling hopeless. Generally speaking, these emotions are portrayed as negative, but Knocked Loose does not ignore them and emphasizes that everyone experiences them at some point in their lives.

This album will undoubtedly solidify Knocked Loose’s presence on the hardcore music scene. Despite their already great popularity, this album is poised to attract a substantial number of streams and attention. Knocked Loose is a band unafraid to push boundaries, and their unique sound sets them apart from others. Hardcore fans adore nothing more than a heavy-hitting, headbanging song with incredible screams, and this single offers just a taste of what the album has in store. Knocked Loose are making moves that no other band are, and that’s what fans love.

Knocked Loose is on tour right now in the United States with Speed, Show Me the Body, and Loathe. View the tour dates here.

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