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Latewaves Making Waves With New Singles & Upcoming Self-titled Album

New Jersey, alternative rock band, Latewaves, consisting of trio Mike Pellegrino, Shawna Grabowski, and Howie Cohen, has been on the move in the alt-rock scene, with not only the release of their brand new singles “Same Air” and “Italian Smokes”, but with the announcement of their new self-titled album, releasing on September 29, and signing to independent record label, Open Your Ears Records.

Open Your Ear Records is beyond excited to have Latewaves on their band roster! Open Your Ear Records also features some other rock bands like Sea of Storms, Another One Down!, Guardrail, and House & Home.

“Same Air” is the exact sound you’d want and expect from an alt-rock band.

“Same Air” gives off the message of wanting to cut off someone you’re close to due to a suffocating and toxic relationship with this person; like an angry goodbye message and stopping them from letting them define you or from being you. Giving the feeling of realization and knowing when you should finally let someone go. The song’s instrumentals contribute to the message in the song as well! Some parts sounding more loud and clashed, while some other parts took on a bit of a slower start leading to the build-up. The music video gives off like a one-on-one message from the band, to the listener. Each band member takes turns singing to the camera, almost making it seem a bit more of an intimate conversation between them and the lyrics. With them playing their instruments in a room filled with balloons, giving the vibe of a small party, that when referenced to the lyrics, the whole vibe of the music videos comes off in a bit of a bittersweet way.

The music video for “Italian Smokes” and the song itself go hand in hand, both telling a message of just making sure to live your life to the fullest and not letting anything stop you. The music video shows some of their adventures on the road which gives an inside view of what the band is like. It leaves behind a warm and happy feeling and brings listeners in for the ride.

When compared to their previous album, Hell To Pay, there’s some change in sound, as expected when a band releases a new album and shows some change and growth in their music style, but still sounding like the same band but are prepared for their next era! You can hear a lot of those familiar rock instrumentals from their last album in their new single. I am excited to hear what the rest of the album’s tracks will entail!

Latewaves’ full-length second self-titled album will include 11 new exciting tracks and releases on September 29, 2023. The band will be celebrating the album’s release on October 27 in Asbury Park, New Jersey with special guests, Little Hag, Family Dinner, Charlie & Margot, and Steve Kelly!

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