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Louis The Chid Performs Sold Out Show In Berkley, CA

On September 17th, Louis The Chid performed a sold out show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA. The venue holds about 8,500 fans and the crowd was so excited for this show after being postponed from last year. In order to enter the venue all fans needed either a negative COVID-19 test or to have their vaccination card. Seeing the commitment to a safe concert was great to see and luckily, the Greek Theatre is outdoors. There was an added sense of safety for everyone at this sold out event.

The show opened up with Ilo Ilo, a duo with a electronic pop style. The fans seemed to enjoy their set and they did a great job of hyping the crowd up for the rest of the night. Next up was Slenderbodies, a indie pop duo based out of LA. They have been a band since 2016 and did a great job of getting the crowd excited for the headliner. It was interesting to see how all of the openers were more indie-pop and alternative verses Louis The Child being a DJ group.

The last opener of the night was K.Flay who is another artist that fits into the indie-pop genre. The crowd at this point was a little restless but overall seemed to enjoy K.Flay’s set. Finally the crowd started to settle in preparation for who they all were waiting for, Louis The Child. They came out covered in paint and visually looked great with their set up. The crowd was so excited when they came on stage and the sold out show was incredible to watch. They performed a lot of hit songs and even performed “ It’s Strange” with K.Flay.

ilo ilo



Louis The Child

Overall, this was a great show and it was great to see artists doing what they love with fans who have been waiting so long to see their favorite artists live.

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