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Love You Later Releases New Single “Keepintouch”

Love You Later is “having a moment” — and soon everyone will know it. “Keepintouch” is the latest single, which released today, March 18. It will have you on your feet in no time.

Love You Later is the solo project of singer and songwriter, Lexi Aviles, who resides in the mecca of musicians —Nashville, Tennessee. You might have caught her performing at SXSW this past year or perhaps, opening for One Republic. She even sold out a Nashville favorite and rite of passage venue, the EXIT/IN. Impressive to say the very least.

Photo Credit: @pixelgash

Despite early successes in her career, there’s been some challenging times for Aviles. The reoccurring theme of losing touch with herself and who she is, amidst the chaotic routines of being an artist, has had significant impact on her writing. “We came up with the concept for ‘Keepintouch,’ once I had this realization — I felt more connected to myself when I had other people around me,” explains Aviles. “However, I needed to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel connected with myself.”

A first listen to this song will have you questioning if you heard this voice before; it sounds and feels a lot like something indie-pop-band, Haim would produce…and that’s not easy to mimic. Catchy melodies, accompanied with intoxicating synths heard throughout, make this song magnetic. Aviles’ composed, yet charged vocals showcase her range as an artist. I immediately get taken back to a summer day, where the windows are rolled down and I’m carelessly cruising around with friends.

Aviles is incredibly skilled at mastering at her sound. As a result, it is easy to forget the lyrics are fueled by the disconnect with herself. Her personal journey through the song enables listeners to feel her struggles being surrounded by the world around her, yet attempting to find and create happiness while being completely alone. This scenario is often overlooked by society and can be both equally taxing and exhausting, but Aviles makes it one thing very obvious — if self discovery produces the indie-pop dance anthem of our dreams, then so be it.

Artwork: @reaganrenfrow

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