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Maisie Peters’ The Good Witch Tour!

Maisie Peters once again arrives in Washington, D.C. to perform her latest album on The Good Witch tour. The 9:30 Club was sold out on a Monday night, similar to last year when she performed at a sold out Howard Theatre! Grace Enger did an amazing job of opening up the show. She seemed to have a lot of fans of her own in the crowd, singing along and enjoying her acoustic set and charming attitude. 
Maisie has such a vibrant and energetic personality that she brings to the stage, it’s hard not to enjoy her! The crowd came ready to sing along and loved the song choices of the night. Maisie is by no means shy when talking to her fans in the audience — asking couples how they met, talking about previous ex-relationships, and more. 
My favorite part of the evening is when she sings “The Band and I”. It’s clear that her band members are part of her ‘family’ and it’s heartwarming to see them interact on stage, joke around, and speak lovingly about one another. Maisie only has a few shows left on this tour, but I’m sure she’ll be back soon. It’s clear that her talent belongs on a stage and that her fans will show up for her. 
I definitely recommend listening to The Good Witch, you will find a song that you can relate to and enjoy Maisie’s songwriting skills. 

Grace Enger

Maisie Peters

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